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SafeDice is one the coolest Bitcoin Dice sites around today. As avid Bitcoin Dice players at BGR we love the low house edge of only 0.5% which is well ahead of any of the competition! The design of the site is very use friendly and has a very professional feel about it. Like all good Bitcoin Gambling sites it has good levels anonymity (no real details asked of players), good customer service with their bitcoin talk forum account, plus the added bonus of being able to invest in the bankroll if you so like.

Safedice does not have a faucet though, so if you are looking for a faucet this is not the Bitcoin Dice site for you. SafeDice also accepts the altcoins Monero and Bitcoin Cash! The maximum you can win is much higher than 0.25% of the bankroll, however the house edge will increase as per SafeDice’s “Variable House Edge.”

What is the Variable House Edge?

Variable House Edge graph from SafeDiceSo whenever a player bets with the expected winnings to be less than 0.25% of the bankroll, the house edge will remain low at 0.5%. Now if the player wants to place a bet where the winnings are higher than 0.25% of the bankroll the house edge will start increasing from 0.5% upwards in a linear direction (This can be seen in the picture to the left).

Additionally the house edge before each roll is visible in the payout box. This is worth checking if you think your bet sizes will be changing the house edge.

Game Play

Bitcoin Dice sites have been around for a while now, so we will not go into instructions on how to play. But an in game screenshot can be seen below:

Game Play screen-shot

SafeDice game play interface

SafeDice user interface

Account Registration

Safe Dice offers a quick and painless way for account registration. You just need to enter a chosen alias to access the game.

From there, you can deposit your amount to a wallet address shown by Safe Dice in order to start placing your bets in your chosen cryptocurrency.

Safe Dice does allow you to set up a permanent username and password for easy accessibility. It also lets you provide an emergency wallet address to the platform in case you need to pull out of the game in a hurry and need your funds back in your blockchain wallet.

With that being said, users on the Safe Dice chat interface complain that they have not been able to withdraw their cryptocurrency. Despite repeated requests, no support messages are delivered to these users on the chat interface. This outlines that the site is defunct and doesn’t have a support staff anymore.

This has also been confirmed via other users through the platform’s official thread on BitcoinTalk, which is a popular cryptocurrency forum and one that Safe Dice used to utilize to attract users towards its website.

Invest Option

Bitcoin Dice sites with an invest option is something that we really like at BGR. SafeDice’s invest option is no different where we have over 1 Bitcoin currently invested in the bankroll.

So how does the invest option work at Safedice?

– You simply go to the invest tab and select how many Bitcoins you want to invest.

– You will be given the option to select 0.5x, 1x, or 2x Kelly. The best way to think of this is your exposure to the bankroll. So if you deposit 1 Bitcoin and select 0.5x then you are in reality only adding 0.5 Bitcoins to the bankroll in terms of your share of profits and losses. 1x is obviously an even exposure for your bankroll investment and 2x means you are doubling your exposure.

– Once you invest you will be instantly added to the bankroll and will enjoy profits and loses as players bet against you!

– You can withdraw from the bankroll anytime by clicking the divest option.

We personally took the 2x on our Bankroll investment.

It is also important to note that SafeDice also take 10% of the profits from investors to manage and run the site. So in reality as a bankroll investor you are getting the 0.4% house edge (unless some big players come in and bet well above 0.25% of the bankroll).


Safe Dice doesn’t offer any bonuses to its players. Its website also remains free of any such claims. It simply offers a dice game with the required multipliers and wagers outlined right on the screen.

Payment Methods

Safe Dice accepts Bitcoin, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash. This provides it with multiple cryptocurrency support. With that being said, the platform doesn’t accept any fiat currencies.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Since Safe Dice only accepts cryptocurrencies, its deposits and withdrawals are limited to blockchain wallets.

If you want to deposit money to your account, you need to do it via a blockchain address. Similarly, if you need to withdraw your account balance, you require a cryptocurrency wallet address.

The platform offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to its players for extra security.

Provably Fair

Safe Dice offers a server seed hash for users to determine that its offerings are provably fair. This provides an easy way to check if you are playing with a valid platform. Safe Dice also explains this process on its site.

The platform has a variable house edge of 0.5%. It also offers an investment feature for players to earn profit by putting their money into the site’s operations.

Country Restrictions

Safe Dice doesn’t outline any country restrictions. Since it offers deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies, this makes the users responsible to check if online gambling is legal within their jurisdiction.

With that being said, it needs to be noted that Safe Dice seems to be abandoned by its creators. Users who deposit money to Safe Dice are not able to withdraw it. The site stays functional, but it doesn’t provide users with their deposit or wins as it doesn’t seem to be moderated or managed anymore.

Bottom Line

At BGR we rate SafeDice highly for anyone interested in Bitcoin Dice Gambling. However for the high rollers who want to have individual bets where the winners are higher than 1 Bitcoin, SafeDice is probably not the best Dice site at the moment. This may change as more investors add to the bankroll!

The overall interface is very user friendly, the site offers excellent odds, the games are provable fair, with good anonymity. However, they are a little slow to respond to issues the site may have on the Bitcoin Talk Forums, something we have informed them about and hopefully they will address.

We are slightly biased towards the site being bankroll investors ourselves, so if you have any comments or feedback from using the site please leave a comment below.

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  1. 4.75
    Game Play
    Customer Service

    Best dice site!

    + PROS: Great odds
    - CONS: Sometimes the site goes down.
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  2. 3.85
    Game Play
    Customer Service

    I have been waiting 2 days to do a withdraw from SafeDice. I email the admin, I have complained on the Bitcoin Talk Forum but no response. Very Very Frustrating…

    + PROS: Best odds, great game play and anonymous
    - CONS: Worst customer service.
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  3. 5
    Game Play
    Customer Service

    One of the best dice sites out there – Can’t beat 0.5% house edge or such a low withdraw fee (as of me writing this, only 0.0001BTC). They sent my withdraw with a lot more attached in fees! Could not be happier with this site, and hope to keep playing at Safedice! Seems like things just getting better at SD while as most other sites seem to be getting worse over time.

    + PROS: Best odds, hands down - Instant (and cheap) withdrawals - Can bet with BTC, XMR, and BCH/BCC
    - CONS: No live support
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