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Bitcoin Casinos & Bitcoin Gambling Reviews

Welcome to Bitcoin Gambling Reviews, an online bitcoin casino and bitcoin gambling portal built by and specifically suited for supporters of digital currencies. Bitcoin has become one of the most popular forms of payment methods for the ever growing online gambling market. Gambling with bitcoins offer great solutions for online pseudonymity, fast transactions, provable fair games, lower fees with better odds and a wide variety of games for players, including casinos, dice, mines, sports betting, and poker.

The team at BGR prides itself on filling a void which we believe currently occupies the new crypto casino and crypto gambling market. With not nearly enough constructive, transparent and honest information available, we aspire to offer our readers the advice, information and instructions they actually want while keeping all information up-to-date.

Gambling with Bitcoins and Other Digital Currencies

The online global gambling industry is estimated to be more than $50 billion annually, with the fastest growing area being the digital currency market (currently the largest being bitcoin casinos). Whether it is casino games, poker games, dice and mine games, sports betting, lotteries, or slot machines, the digital currency gambling market offers the best odds, higher payouts, provable fair games, faster game play, with far greater anonymity for players.

There is currently a large network of new and old digital currency gambling sites available online. Some have shut down while others have grown exponentially in popularity. At BGR we have created this site to provide all the required details to not only ensure the casino can be trusted, but all the information required to ensure you find the best games available.

Once this information is clearly available for all gamblers we believe the benefits of using bitcoin will make the old pains of gambling with fiet currency a thing of the past. Why should punters play slower games, requiring a lengthy sign up process, painful KYC processes and with far worse odds? When using crypto casinos and other digital currency gambling houses will provide fast, secure deposit and withdrawal transactions, and with superior odds!

A key question asked from the Bitcoin community is with regards to the current legality of bitcoin gambling. To read more on the legality of Bitcoin Gambling click here.

A current list of Bitcoin Games that offer “no strings attached” free Bitcoins to play on their sites can be found here: Free Bitcoins Games

Bitcoin Dice and Mine Games

Some of the most popular games to play are ‘bitcoin dice games’ and ‘bitcoin mine games’. Both of these games can be played anonymously, instantly and with the ease of crypto-currencies. The games are simple yet highly addictive with potentially huge payouts.

Dice games have been made famous with SatoshiDice, with is arguable the biggest and most popular bitcoin gambling game available today, having sold for $11.5 million in August 2013. All you need is some luck with some skills in probability to be a winner.

Mine games revolve around the 90’s minesweeper game where you have to avoid mines and collect coins to emerge a winner! Highly addictive, great entertainment with great odds and high payouts.

Both games can be played immediately without having to download any software, as these sites do not require transfer confirmations to play. Simply send your coins to the address created for you and you are away.

There are several bitcoin betting sites known for offering bitcoin dice exclusively. We have provided full reviews on these sites to give you a hand in picking the finest ones for you. As always all these sites offer provable fair odds and have house edges all below 2% and some as low as 0.5%!

Casinos and Slot Machines

Online casinos accepting bitcoin deliver all our favorite games we’d find at top casinos around the world, but with a wider range of titles, better odds, player-friendly rules, with the safety and some anonymity trusted with digital currency and all in the one convenient and accessible location of the World Wide Web. With quality, state of the art gaming software, gambling at online bitcoin casinos has never been more enjoyable.

All these sites offer games available without having to download any software. Click the play now button of any of the site links and you will be directed to instant play. Click the read more information and you will be directed to a page dedicated to reviewing the game further the latest information available.

All of our suggested casinos offer numerous individual titles and we also place a large emphasis on reviewing the most popular individual games including:


Online Poker

These sites offer bitcoin poker rooms that are highly popular amongst users and many great promotions to join. Whenever joining a bitcoin poker site is is important to consider the bonuses and rewards available, so we have taken the liberty to list the top sites with the highest bonuses available today.

All of these sites offer bitcoin poker rooms that are user friendly and graphically appealing to get down and play some serious bitcoin poker. It is recommended to chose and interface that you find the least distracting so you can fully concentrate on your bitcoin poker game.

Sports Betting Sites

Our odds and coverage of bitcoin sports betting events are covered by the top  bitcoin sports listed above. We will try to cover as many bitcoin sports betting events as possible giving our readers the best information on which site offers the best odds, the highest payouts and detailing all bonuses and promotions.

Bitcoin sports betting is becoming more and more mainstream as regular sports betting reviews sites are starting to include Bitcoin Bookmakers.

Gambling Video Reviews

Sometimes written reviews are not enough and a video review can show a lot more information faster. At BGR we have been doing bitcoin gambling video reviews for over 2 years on our bitcoin gambling reviews youtube channel here.

We regularly post our latest video reviews on our news page and also on our social media pages. If you run a crypto gambling site and are looking for a video review please get in contact with us.

Casino & Gambling News and Reader Reviews

At BGR we are avid believers in both the future of bitcoin and the online gambling world. We will work to make this site a top place for all news related to digital currencies and the online gambling world. Additionally, we will cover any major legal changes to the online gambling world to ensure we are up to date with the legality of digital currency gambling.

At BGR we welcome reader reviews, feedback and participation. We want to hear your thoughts on digital currency gambling, and your recommendations for us. If you require further information or are looking to have your gambling site reviewed with us please visit our contact page, and we will get back to you.

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