Ethereum Gambling

Best Ethereum Gambling Sites

Best ethereum gambling sites

With its ease of use and widespread acceptance, Ethereum is a popular choice for enjoying cryptocurrency gambling.

There are plenty of reasons behind this. Whether you are visiting an online casino for the first time or if you have been enjoying these platforms for a while, Ethereum gambling can provide you with various benefits.

From sportsbooks to online casinos, almost every credible platform accepts Ethereum deposits and withdrawals. This makes it easier for you to enjoy your favorite casino games and betting opportunities from reliable providers.

Apart from helping you access trustworthy betting platforms, Ethereum gambling also lets you enjoy a variety of welcome and loyalty bonuses from these providers. This helps you make the most out of your gambling and makes it more enjoyable.

Since Ethereum is a widely-accepted cryptocurrency, buying it through reputable exchanges is also a walk in the park. When put together, all of this makes Ethereum gambling a highly viable choice amongst punters all over the world.

To help you enjoy an optimal experience, here are the top casino platforms that facilitate Ethereum gambling.

Key Features
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Steps We Follow to Review Ethereum Gambling Sites

At BGR, we follow a standard operating process (SOP) to review Ethereum casinos in a thorough and detailed manner. This ensures that we go through each crucial aspect that relates to a casino’s overall offering.

We make sure that our reviews are factual and transparent, which helps you choose a casino that is the perfect fit for you. This makes way for an ideal online gambling experience whether you are venturing into the space for the first time or have years of online betting experience under your belt.

Our process includes the following crucial aspects related to an online betting platform.

Our Ethereum casino reviews put a great focus on house edge, which refers to the mathematical percentage of the gambling facility’s chances of winning over its players. A lower house edge is advantageous for players, while a higher house edge is beneficial for the platform.

At Bitcoin Gambling Reviews, we make it a point to go through this information in order to outline casinos with a higher house edge than the industry standard. This ensures that you can steer clear of harmful platforms and have greater chances of winning through your bets.

Cryptocurrency gambling is highly sought after due to its swift deposits and withdrawals. Since a regulatory third-party is not deeply involved in the transaction, even cross-border digital currency transfers get completed within a few minutes at most.

During our reviews, we make sure to outline betting platforms that have faster deposits and withdrawals at the center of their services. If we find any issues, we notify you about them within our review. This allows for a seamless experience and gives you optimal comfort while gambling from home.

Cryptocurrency gambling became popular due to the sense of anonymity and privacy that it brought to the table. Over time, these advantages have been hampered by the introduction of regulatory measures. But some casinos are still able to maintain their players’ privacy in a lawful way.

During our review process, we ensure to check this aspect and see what level of identity verification does a casino require from your end. This ensures that we can outline any issues that stand out and help you maintain your anonymity as much as possible.

Cryptocurrency gambling also provides you with greater security, but it doesn’t mean that every cryptocurrency gambling platform comes with fortified safety measures by default. There are several aspects of web gaming and financial transactions that need to be taken into account for optimal security.

This is why we go through aspects including but not limited to secure server usage and financial information storage. We make it a point to notify you if we find any lapses, which ensures that you are not compromising your security in the name of enjoying your favorite casino games.

Since online casinos are based upon virtual iterations of popular casino games, it is important that you check their fairness. Otherwise, you could practically burn your money away on unfair algorithms that provide you with no chance of winning.

At BGR, we put a great emphasis on checking the availability of provably fair games, which establish the actual fairness of digital betting. This ensures that you can choose a casino that gives you a transparent and absolute chance of winning.

By following this process, we make sure to provide you with reviews that touch upon the most crucial aspects of an online gambling platform.

As a result, you no longer have to jump from platform to platform to learn about their most important features. All you have to do is to take a glance at our reviews, and you can know all the crucial information to ensure a worry-free gambling experience.

Ethereum Gambling Advantages

As the only cryptocurrency that can hold up to Bitcoin in terms of popularity and accessibility, Ethereum has a certain distinction in the digital currency market.

This also gives Ethereum or Ether (ETH) a significant advantage in terms of online gambling. Where other cryptocurrencies fail to deliver on crucial aspects, Ethereum effortlessly meets all expectations. This includes general advantages and exclusive features alike.

To help you understand the advantages of Ethereum gambling, here are 5 benefits of using this cryptocurrency as a casino enthusiast.

1. No Fees

Ethereum is one of those cryptocurrency platforms that has immensely low transaction fees with swift transaction speeds. Not only that, but using Ethereum for gamling also sets you free of the casino or platform fee that some websites may charge for fiat transfers.

This means that you often have to pay no fee to the casino or gambling platform for performing your fast and problem-free Ethereum transactions. Instead, you only need to cover the cost of the blockchain transfer, which remains incredibly low as well. This goes a long way into helping you get the most out of your funds.

2. True ETH Gambling Casinos

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s structure allows it to host and run entirely decentralized casinos and betting platforms through its own blockchain. This provides you with incredibly safe gambling solutions that are also backed by a robust system.

As a result, you can enjoy immersive graphics and gameplay without putting your security at risk. Whether you win or lose, you can feel safe while connecting to a casino with next-generation privacy solutions. This feature doesn’t come with many other cryptocurrencies, especially when you are looking for an option that comes with a renowned reputation to boot.

3. Ability to Invest in Ethereum Gambling Sites

You can easily find dedicated gambling sites that are based around Ethereum’s solutions. Mostly hosting online dice games, these platforms sometimes also provide other casino games to their users.

Apart from enjoying their offerings, you can also benefit from the chance to invest in them. This allows you to enjoy a cut of the gambling site’s profits, which is transferred to your ETH wallet. This provides you with the chance to benefit from passive investment in a business that actually matters to you. Since your cryptocurrency earnings are also transferred directly, it saves you from running into any financial management issues.

4. Ethereum dApps for Decentralization

Besides hosting fully-fledged casinos, Ethereum’s blockchain also specializes in offering a smart contract-based environment for decentralized apps (dApps). Ranging from wallets to standalone gambling games, these dApps provide you with plenty of chances to use your funds safely and easily.

This opens a door of opportunities that isn’t accessible through other cryptocurrency platforms. Whether you are looking for casual games or purpose-built gambling solutions, you can either already find them on Ethereum or rest assured that they would become available at some point in the future. This sets Ethereum apart as a digital asset for online gambling.

5. Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

While Bitcoin remains the oldest cryptocurrency of the world, Ethereum is the first popular blockchain platform with support for custom applications on its network. This makes both of these assets equally popular.

But when it comes to online gambling, one does hold an edge over the other.


Bitcoin remains a simple cryptocurrency platform with minimal capability or focus for dApps. On the other hand, Ethereum is a development platform that supports blockchain applications while also having robust funds transfer solutions in place.


Bitcoin’s transaction fees can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Whereas, Ethereum’s transaction charges remain quite low in comparison. While Ethereum’s fee can increase in terms of high demand, it still remains lower than Bitcoin.


Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely accepted at credible gambling platforms. These cryptocurrencies are also easily available through digital asset exchanges. In this aspect, both cryptos rank at the same level.

In this direct comparison of Bitcoin vs. Ethereum in terms of online gambling, the latter comes out as the clear winner.

If you plan to use Ethereum for your online gambling adventures, our BGR’s casino reviews can help you find a platform that’s the ideal fit for you. From welcome bonuses to innovative titles, we can help you pick a casino that offers exactly what you are looking for.

Easy to read reviews

Looking for the perfect Bitcoin Poker site but don’t have time for detailed research? Our 30-second reviews make sure that you can get all the info you need within a few seconds.

At BGR, we do all the heavy lifting and provide you with a summarized review. This way, you can get all the details even when you are running short on time.

First deposit bonus up to 110% or 1.5 BTC

Fortune Jack is known in the Bitcoin gambling industry as one of its oldest entrants. The online casino has a modern and mobile-friendly interface, which comes with a large selection of games.

Game Library

Fortune Jack has a wide variety of provably fair games that come from renowned providers, including but not limited to BetSoft, Yggdrasil, and Play’n GO. These games are also available through free play mode.

Popular titles include digital casino games such as blackjack, roulette, video poker, dice, and slots. Due to being developed by reliable providers, these games are also provably fair and provide you with a clear chance to win without any added disadvantage.

In addition to these titles, the platform also has live casino games including live roulette and live baccarat. These games are also developed by credible sources and deliver the experience of visiting a real casino.

The platform boasts of a sportsbook section that offers betting on popular sports and virtual sports. It also includes live sports betting that improves the sense of thrill for bettors.

Accepted Currencies

Apart from Ethereum, Fortune Jack accepts cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, Tron, and Zcash. This makes it an online casino with one of the most diverse lists of supported cryptocurrencies.


The interface of Fortune Jack is modern and intuitive. With proper categories, the games are easy to discover and simple to browse through. This makes it easier for new casino players and seasoned online gambling experts to find what they are looking for.

The website also makes it a point to categorize its games quite well, which adds to a stress-free browsing experience for everyone.


Fortune Jack has an array of welcome and loyalty promotion offers, which puts it on par with some of the most competitive casino platforms. The promotion offers come in various forms including but not limited to deposit match and free spin bonuses.


The platform is mobile-friendly and translates smoothly on modern smartphones without any issues. This allows you to enjoy the casino’s offerings wherever you go.


Fortune Jack offers support through live chat, email, website contact form, as well as Discord and social media channels. This makes the platform easy to reach for new and existing customers alike.


Overall, Fortune Jack holds up to expectations and provides a great platform for cryptocurrency gambling through casino games and sports betting. Whether you are an experienced gambler or a new casino player, it has the potential to become your new favorite gaming platform.

Welcome bonus of up to +300 free spins and 5 BTC

mBit offers an incredible collection of games that include digital as well as live casino offerings. With acceptance for Ethereum as well as a variety of other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, the platform matches the hype that surrounds its name.

Game Library

mBit has over 2,000 games in its arsenal, which range across digital casino offerings such as online slots to video poker. It also offers digital iterations of casino classics including but not limited to roulette, poker, and blackjack.

The platform also has jackpot games and casino tournaments to offer to its users. This allows it to add an elevated sense of thrill to the overall gambling experience.

mBit is powered by popular casino software provider SoftSwiss. It carries games from renowned names such as Belatra, BetSoft, and NextGen gaming. The platform’s games also come with the assurance of being provably fair. Some of its titles also allow users to avail free plays.

mBit is run by Direx N.V., which also operates a variety of other online casino platforms. This enhances its reputation and trustworthiness.

Accepted Currencies

Besides Ethereum, mBit offers support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Tether. The platform also accepts fiat transactions via providers such as Visa and MasterCard, while also providing support to third-party processors such as Skrill.


mBit’s interface is a combination of older casino sites and newer gambling solutions. As a whole, it offers an easy to navigate browsing experience that makes sure you can find what you are looking for without wasting your time.

mBit also has a built-in chat interface that connects all online players within a social setting. This adds another benefit to its overall offerings and lets you communicate with other players as you enjoy casino gaming from home.


mBit has multiple welcome and loyalty bonus offers that encourage new players to sign-up and for existing users to remain on the platform. These promotions are available in standard offerings such as deposit match bonuses.

This mix of promotions puts mBit among some of the most sought after online casino platforms, which only enhances its credibility as an Ethereum casino.


mBit is mobile-friendly and offers a smooth browsing experience through its platform. This makes it easier to enjoy its titles on the go.


mBit offers support through live chat and also has its own social media channels. It makes the platform easy to reach in case you run into any issues.


On the whole, mBit’s lack of a sportsbook might rub you the wrong way, but only if it’s a non-negotiable requirement for you. Otherwise, the platform has everything that a casino game aficionado could need from an online gambling solution.

First deposit bonus of 100% match of up to 0.1 BTC might look like an out of date website, but its overall solutions are quite modern for those looking for Ethereum gambling. The platform has an array of casino gaming options that also include specific services for high rollers and experienced gamblers.

Game Library

With a wide variety of games that range across table games such as roulette and card games such as poker, has the classics covered quite efficiently.

It also offers a section for live casino games that includes offerings such as baccarat and blackjack. also offers a variety of jackpot and high roller games, which come with bigger winnings and higher bet limits, respectively.

The platform’s offerings remain provably fair, with some titles being available in free play. This adds to their overall credibility and allows you to play your game with a certain peace of mind.

Accepted Currencies

Apart from Ethereum, accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. While being a cryptocurrency-only casino limits its offerings, it does allow the platform to offer faster transactions to its players.

Interface has a classic interface that may immediately appeal to casino players who are used to legacy platforms. At the same time, it may leave a lot to be desired for those who are used to modern website design.

Otherwise, the platform has an easy to browse structure that allows you to swiftly discover what you are looking for.


The platform offers a large welcome bonus and also allows for loyalty bonuses. This provides its new and old clients with substantial benefits and makes it one of the few casinos that offer an extensive level of benefits through its promotions.


Despite having a classic interface, has a mobile-friendly design that works with all modern mobile devices. This allows you to enjoy your favorite games no matter if you are home or riding in the backseat of your car.

Support offers support through its live chat and website contact form. Apart from this, the platform also has its own social media channels for contact purposes.


Its classic interface might be too much to handle for modern users, but offers a holistic solution to those who are looking for a large casino gaming library and don’t have any problems in dealing with a cryptocurrency-exclusive platform.

Prize pools, lotteries and Loyalty Bonuses

With a sleek interface, modern graphics, and intuitive design, Stake brings something new to the table for online casino players looking for Ethereum gambling. The platform offers a limited collection of casino games, but it makes up for it through its sportsbook.

Game Library

The gaming library at Stake is different from many other casinos. It’s because Stake’s games are developed by the platform’s in-house team and boast of a minimalist graphical style. This puts these titles apart from conventional casino offerings.

The casino games at Stake include a number of casino classics such as slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and video poker. The platform also has other games such as wheel, diamonds, and slide. These games are provably fair with a 1 percent house edge. They also offer free plays.

Stake also has a VIP room for high rollers. Additionally, it offers races and tournaments to those who have a competitive spirit.

Stake also has a separate section for its sportsbook, with a special focus on esports. It also covers live events for bettors who are more interested in real-world sports than virtual casino gaming.

Accepted Currencies

Apart from Ethereum, Stake accepts cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Tron. It is a cryptocurrency-exclusive platform, which provides you with limited options. But Stake’s overall speed in transactions makes up for it.


Stake has a modern and intuitive interface that makes it easier to navigate through the website, its games, and its sportsbook. The overall design only enhances this experience, and provides you with plenty of eye candy even as you are only browsing through the games.

Apart from this, the platform also has a social chat interface that connects all online users on the website. This adds a level of user interaction that isn’t available on many other solutions.


Stake doesn’t have any welcome bonuses, which makes it one of the exceptions in the online casino industry – and not in a good way. But it does have loyalty bonuses in programs such as chat rain, where random online users receive free funds to play on the platform. This makes quite a complex alternative to what could have been a simple bonus offer for players.


Stake has a mobile-friendly interface and translates seamlessly to handheld devices. This goes right in line with its light and breezy graphics, which feel at home when viewed through modern smartphones and tablets.


Stake offers support through online chat and also has its own social media channels. This makes it an easily accessible platform.


Stake is a subversive entry in the online casino segment that has its hits and misses. Its plain yet engaging graphics can strongly appeal to modern users, but its lack of a welcome bonus is enough to turn others away. If you are looking for something different in casino games, it won’t hurt to see what Stake has to offer.

No Welcome Deposit Applicable

Staying true to its name, Etheroll provides a dice roll game through the Ethereum blockchain. Based on a smart contract, the platform operates on direct bets, which means there’s no need for you to sign-up for any accounts or make any deposits.

Game Library

Etheroll only has one dice game that’s text-based and operated directly through its homepage.

While the game doesn’t offer many options, it does allow players to change their bet size and chance of winning, which influences how much they could end up with if they score a win.

The game is provably fair and comes with a 1 percent house edge.

Accepted Currencies

Etheroll accepts Ethereum and ÐICE Token, which is a transactional token on the Ethereum blockchain.

You don’t need to create an account on the platform or make any deposits to it. The amount you transfer directly goes to an address that’s managed by a smart contract. If you win, the Etheroll’s smart contract transfers your winnings accordingly.


While Etheroll is as simple as it gets in terms of its visuals, it requires some additional knowledge of cryptocurrency to be operated. As such, it requires the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet to be accessible. Otherwise, you will not be able to transfer your ETH or ÐICE Token to enjoy what the platform has to offer.

This transforms the incredibly simple interface into something more intricate. With that being said, it doesn’t make it impossible to operate. With proper knowledge, you can enjoy a user-friendly experience without having to stress yourself out.


Etheroll offers rewards on using the ÐICE Token. These rewards include direct earnings from the casino’s profits.

The token is available through select exchanges including ForkDelta, EtherDelta, HitBTC, and IDEX exchange.


Since Etheroll cannot work without MetaMask, it’s important that you have the app installed in order to use the platform through mobile. With that being said, it works on a computer in an optimal manner. This makes its mobile functionality a bit more complex than other online gambling platforms, especially for those who want to play a simple game while being on the go.


Etheroll offers support through email. This makes its support quite basic but also simple for those who want to stick to these communication methods. When compared to other dice-exclusive platforms, this approach is also quite in line with the industry.


As a decentralized smart contract with the fairness of blockchain, Etheroll is an ideal platform for those who aren’t looking for a graphical interface but rather the experience of gambling itself. If you can fulfill the stipulation of being technically proficient in the usage of MetaMask, you may find Etheroll to be quite enjoyable.

Welcome Bonus of Up to 8,000 Russian Ruble (RUB)

With an extensive library of digital casino games, live casino offerings, and sportsbook betting, Melbet offers an expanded list of Ethereum and other cryptocurrency gambling solutions for experienced and new bettors alike.

Game Library

Melbet has a large collection of casino games that ranges from digital card games to online slots. While the online slots have more variety, the overall interface of most games seems outdated. This especially holds true for Melbet’s so-called “Live Slots”, which have subpar graphics and leave much to be desired in terms of having a live casino experience from home.

Otherwise, the live casino offerings at Melbet remain quite conventional, with live dealers hosting games such as roulette. But once again, the interface to access these games takes a legacy design approach.

Melbet’s actual strength lies within its sportsbook, which remains extensive by covering a wide array of sports, esports, and related events. Despite having a classic interface, the sportsbook is far easier to operate than digital games on the platform.

Accepted Currencies

Melbet supports an array of payment methods, which includes Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrencies. Apart from ETH, the platform accepts Bitcoin, Zcash, Monero, and various other digital assets.

Melbets also entertains a variety of fiat currencies through various payment providers, including but not limited to Visa, MasterCard, and ecoPayz.


For those who are used to more modern websites, Melbet’s interface might seem a bit jarring. At the same time, this legacy design could act as Melbet’s most sought after feature for other players.

Either way, the overall interface remains convoluted to operate for any first time online casino or betting platform user. This may also hold true if you hold experience of playing on a relatively modern betting platform but are seeing Melbet’s structure for the first time.

One of the biggest reasons behind this issue is how the website follows a legacy perspective to sort its games, which makes it difficult to find them across the various tabs.

For instance, while Melbet offers digital casino games such as cards and roulette, it lists them under “Fast Games” instead of its “Casino” section. The Casino category only contains slots, live slots, and other live casino offerings.

These practices make the platform unnecessarily complex and take the joy out of enjoying a seamless betting experience.


Melbet has welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses available on its platform, which provide substantial motivation for users to sign-up and stay with the platform. This is quite an advantage that gives back the platform some of its lost strength when compared with modern platforms.


Melbet has a separate mobile-friendly website that is easy to operate, but which comes at the expense of engaging visuals. This makes it seem subpar as compared to modern online casinos, which work equally well on computers as well as mobile devices.


Melbet offers support through live chat and phone. It also has its social media platforms in place, which make it easier to reach the platform. Phone support, in particular, helps the platform stand out from its competitors.


Overall, Melbet has a highly traditional interface that may cause modern users to look for other options. But if you are a seasoned gambling aficionado with a penchant for legacy systems, Melbet’s offerings might appeal to you.

Deposit match of 100% of up to 5 BTC

Recently updated to a modern interface, Cloudbet offers a mix of casino, live casino, and sportsbook betting opportunities to its clients. With a mix of supported cryptocurrencies and a variety of gaming titles, Cloudbet has what it takes to cater to most gambling enthusiasts.

Game Library

Cloudbet has a diverse collection of games that uses titles sourced by credible gaming developers in the online casino industry, such as Play’n GO and Microgaming.

The games that can be found in Cloudbet’s library include but are not limited to slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. While slots are offered in a variety of designs along with various gameplay stories, the classic casino titles also come with immersive graphics due to their development by seasoned developers. These games are also provably fair and most of them are also available in free play mode.

Cloudbet holds a wide variety of live casino gaming titles as well. These games come in the form of popular casino classics such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. They also include other games such as sic bo, and monopoly.

Cloudbet also offers an extensive sportsbook that covers all popular sports such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. The sportsbook also covers live events.

The platform also offers jackpot slots and virtual sport games, which enhances its features for those who are looking to go beyond conventional online gaming titles.

With that being said, Cloudbet does falter in the number of games that it hosts on its site, especially when compared to other big names in the online casino segment. Even while offering various titles, the number of offerings at Cloudbet is far lower than any other casinos of its stature.

Accepted Currencies

Apart from Ethereum, the cryptocurrencies that Cloudbet accepts include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether. This creates a certain limitation on placing bets, but the platform does intend to include other cryptocurrencies in the future.


After updating its website, Cloudbet sports a modern interface. While Cloudbet’s classic design still exists in the form of Cloudbet Legacy, it is only available to existing users. Any new players signing-up at the platform are only able to use Cloudbet’s current version. After experiencing what this latest version has to offer, that is not a bad thing at all.

With clean graphics and seamless browsing, Cloudbet’s design is both easy on the eyes and simple to operate. It lets you jump from one game to another without any issues. And it lets you sort and find the exact titles that you are looking for. 


Cloudbet has a variety of promotions for both new and existing players alike. While its new player promotions come in the form of initial deposit bonuses, its efforts to make existing players feel valued come in a weekly deposit match model. The platform also offers VIP programs to those who want to benefit from frequent plays.


Cloudbet’s modern version is completely mobile friendly and translates to mobile devices without any problems. This includes the interface as well as the games hosted within the platform.


Cloudbet offers its support through live chat and an online ticketing system. It also offers email support, which makes it easier for global gambling enthusiasts to enjoy its offerings. 


Overall, Cloudbet offers an easy and enjoyable platform to its users that covers an extent of gaming titles. With that being said, its limited offerings might cause some gambling aficionados to yearn for more.

100s of free spins & up to 10% cashback

Through its uber-modern platform, offers a variety of Ethereum betting opportunities through its casino, live casino, and sportsbook categories. While the platform doesn’t have any welcome bonuses, it does offer loyalty bonuses to reward existing players.

Game Library has an extensive library of games, which are sourced through popular providers such as Play’n GO and Microgaming. These titles include casino classics such as slots and baccarat in their digital form, while also offering live casino variations for popular favorites such as roulette.

The platform is powered by OneTouch, which allows it to provide provably fair games to its users. also has a sportsbook in place, which covers live events as well as ongoing bets for sports including soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis. It also provides virtual sports and poker titles. also boasts a jackpot slots section, which gives players the chance to try their hands on winning big. With it, the platform also has various titles in place for video bingo.

Accepted Currencies

Apart from Ethereum, offers a host of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, and Tron. It also accepts fiat currencies in the form of JPY, which can be deposited through third-party payment processors such as ecoPayz and Jeton.

Interface has a modern interface that is quite different from other casino platforms. Apart from coming in a default white theme, it also has a dark theme for those who are used to more modern apps. This makes the platform stand out in a sea of cryptocurrency casinos.’s overall design is also intuitive and easy to use, which makes it simpler to find the games that you are looking for.

Promotions doesn’t have any welcome bonuses in place, which cuts whatever advantage that it has on other casinos in terms of its interface. With that being said, the platform does have loyalty bonuses, such as free spins as well as a rewards program that is exclusive to its existing customers.

Mobile-friendliness has a mobile-friendly platform that executes well on modern mobile devices, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. This allows you to play its offerings wherever you want.

Support offers support through its live chat interface and its email address. The platform also has its social media channels for easier accessibility.

Summary lags behind its competitors with the unavailability of welcome bonuses. However, with an extensive selection of games and sports betting offered through intuitive design, the platform has what it takes to keep the masses entertained – especially those who don’t put much emphasis on bonuses.

Welcome bonus of 180 free spins and up to 5 BTC

As an Ethereum gambling platform, BitStarz holds a wide variety of online casino and live casino games that cover titles such as slots, blackjack, and roulette. Combined with its acceptance of an extensive selection of payment methods, BitStarz offers a comprehensive online gambling experience to its players.

Game Library

BitStarz gaming library is powered by popular gaming software providers including but not limited to Belatra Games, BetSoft, and NetEnt. This provides BitStarz with provably fair titles while also expanding its offerings with various types of games. Most of these games are also available for free play.

Apart from digital versions of classic casino offerings, BitStarz also offers an extensive selection of live casino games that make it more thrilling to play your favorite casino games right from your home. With live dealers, these games can easily take your experience to the next level.

BitStarz also has various jackpot slots that allow players to bet on a chance of big winnings, that do not come with conventional slots or casino games.

The BitStarz platform is powered by Direx N.V., which owns and operates a host of other independent online casinos. This brings additional credibility to the platform.

Accepted Currencies

In addition to Ethereum, BitStarz accepts other digital currencies in the form of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. It also accepts Tether through the CoinsPaid wallet.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, BitStarz also accepts fiat currencies including but not limited to USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, and JPY.


BitStarz interface is not as modern as many other casinos, but it is still intuitive and easy to browse. The platform also sports a dark theme, which makes its games standout and contributes to the overall gameplay.


BitStarz has various promotions in place that apply to both its new and existing players. Available across a range of match deposits and free spin bonuses, these offers provide viable encouragement to those who want to make the most out of their time with an online casino.


BitStarz is mobile-friendly and adapts to modern mobile devices without any issues. This makes it easier to enjoy its offerings no matter where you are.


BitStarz offers support through online chat as well as its website contact form. This provides you with multiple ways to contact the website.


Overall, BitStarz provides its players with a substantial list of digital and live casino games to choose from. While the unavailability of a sportsbook or a highly modern interface may affect it, it remains a highly viable platform for new and experienced online casino players.

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