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Best Rated Dice & Mines Sites


Online Bitcoin Dice & Mine games are arguable the most played Bitcoin gambling games today with the blockchain account of Satoshi Dice nearly reaching the equivalent of 2 Billion USD since inception. Over the last year numerous Online Bitcoin Dice & Mine games have appeared on the world wide web. With quality state of the art Dice and Mine games available all enjoying the benefits of Bitcoin and other digital currencies as the safe, trusted, anonymous, and efficient payment method. At BGR we believe the Bitcoin Dice & Mine world will only continue to grow in the future and as the market grows, the odds, game play and other critical features will only improve for the online gaming community.

Top Rated Dice & Mine Games

There are dozens of Bitcoin and Altcoin Dice and Mine Games available today which seems to be growing by the week. Each of the Bitcoin Dice & Mine sites offering different games, with significantly different odds, and features, all claiming to be better than the rest. At BGR we have taken into consideration the different strengths and weaknesses of different Bitcoin Dice & Mine Games and we have come up with our shortlist of the best available today. We will continue to update this list moving forward and also conduct reviews of all Bitcoin Dice and Mine Games in the future.

  • Crypto-Games we rate highly for anyone interested in Bitcoin & Digital Currency Gambling. The faucet, the user interface, the low house edge, the variety of games, the variety of digital currencies accepted and the ability to invest are big bonuses for this site.
  • YOLOdice is a one of the latest Bitcoin dice sites to hit the market. The overall user interface and visual aspects of the site make it look and feel very professional. For people wanting to test the site out we recommend trying the faucet and having a chat with the MOD and players on site first.
  • Rollin  We rate Rollin highly in the Dice Gambling games currently available. The game play is very unique, the interface is very user friendly and the site offers great odds. Additionally, Rollin has provable fair games and offers great anonymity.
  • KingDice offering great Dice game play with a user friendly interface and the ability to invest in the bankroll.
  • Satoshi Mines Offering a very unique Bitcoin gambling game, which is a highly addictive thrilling mine game. Although Satoshi Mines does not offer any sign-up bonus it arguable has one the best odds out of any Bitcoin gambling game available today. Additionally Satoshi Mines has provable fair games and offers great anonymity.
  • BetKing Offering great game play and a very user friendly while offering great odds. Additionally, BetKing has provable fair games, good customer feedback, the biggest bankroll and offers great anonymity.
  • SafeDice offer the best house edge of any dice site today of only 0.5%!
  • Bitvest offering more than just a dice site with a cool Casino and Plinko game!
  • Prime Dice Offering unique game play and is very user friendly while offering great odds. Additionally, Prime Dice has provable fair games, good customer feedback and offers great anonymity.
  • DuckDice is a new dice site to hit the market and looks very different to most dice sites you might be used too!

How To Play Dice Games?

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To play Bitcoin Dice games the following easy steps are generally required to play any of them.

1) Select the Odds of the game – You can select the range of the numbers which you want for the dice number to fall into. For example the total range of numbers might be 100,000 and you can select anywhere from 1 to 99,999 which will give you varying payouts depending on the likelihood of the dice being in the range. The goal is to guess that number of dice that will fit into your prediction.

2) Place your wager – Once you have chosen the odds of the game, you now choose the size of your bet for the round. Upon selecting your bet the payout should be automatically calculated based on the odds you selected and the wager size.

3) Start the game, selecting roll high or low –  Basically if you think the number will be higher than the chance number you selected in step one you need to select ‘roll hi,’ and if you think the result will be lower than your chosen number, select ‘roll lo.’

4) Win or lose – If the dice falls within the number you selected you will win the payout and if it falls outside of the range of numbers you selected you will lose your wager,

At BGR we recommend you play a few dice games in free play mode to get a proper feeling of how it all works. When you are ready to play for Bitcoins or another Altcoin the game play will be exactly the same as free play and you will be ready to go!


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