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Satoshi Mines Overview

Satoshi Mines is a simple but extremely fun and addictive gambling game. It’s a minesweeper-style cryptocurrency betting game. It requires you to detect as many green tiles as you can find on its given grid. The more clear tiles you can find, the higher your multiplier becomes.

Satoshi Mines has some of the best odds in the Bitcoin Gambling world with only a very slight house edge. The Satoshi Mine game works by the player clicking on a square on the grid, and if the player does not hit a mine they are paid a small sum on top of their wager, and if they hit a mine they lose their entire wager.

The game play is simple but you very quickly get hooked as you avoid the mines. The anonymity is very strong as Satoshi Mines does not require any information aside from your Bitcoin wallet when you want to withdraw Bitcoins. There is customer service if you require it, and Satoshi Mines also has a presence on the Bitcoin Talk Forum for any feedback.

Account Registration

At the time of writing, Satoshi Mines is not accepting any new players. It is not clear what the account registration process might be when it returns.

With that being said, its last account registration process remained easy. Since the platform only accepts Bitcoin deposits, it did not need any verifiable details at first to open the account.

All deposits on the platform are credited after 1 confirmation. But any available balance in your account cannot be withdrawn until 3 confirmations are completed against said deposit.

Is it Provably Fair?

Satoshi Mines uses the mechanism of game hashes to establish its provably fair status. This ensures that the game isn’t rigged against any player and provides them with a fair chance to win.

The provably fair hash is separately provided by Satoshi Mines for easy verifiability. It is also offered at the end of every game to players, so they can see if the SHA256 hash was fairly generated or not.

Satoshi Mines Bet limits, Withdrawals and Deposits

Currently the minimum bet is 0.00003 Bitcoins per round, with the maximum bet currently being 1 Bitcoins per round.

Withdraws are all done through the Bitcoin address you specify which can include all web wallets.

Withdrawals require the initial deposit to contain at least 3 confirmations (approximately 20-30 minutes), however as soon as you deposit your Bitcoins you can play immediately.

How to Play Satoshi Mines

Satoshi Mines offers free game play (of course you cannot win any Bitcoins) which is the recommended way to learn how to play the game. The free game play is exactly the same as if you are playing for Bitcoins. Essentially, before playing you need to choose how many Mines you want to be in the 5 x5 grid. There is currently four options for selecting the number of mines being one, three, five or 24 mines (it is important to note that changing the number of mines will increase or decrease the amount you can win).

After selecting the number of mines, you can select how much you want to wager on the Satoshi Mine game you are about to play, and then you click the play button. The blank grid will then appear and then you click on a blank square to uncover either a green tick or a mine. If you uncover a green tick your wager will be multiplied by the odds relevant to the number of mines you selected, and if you hit a mine you will lose your wager. Assuming you avoid the mine you can then either have the option of uncovering another square (now with increasing odds) or claiming your winnings.

All of the games have a provable fair game code so as to prove that Satoshi Mines is not cheating and that the odds are fair.

Practice Game screen-shot 

Satoshi Mines Screenshot of a practice game where 5 squares were uncovered


At the time of writing, Satoshi Mines doesn’t offer any bonuses to its players. But it does provide a higher multiplier for uncovering a larger portion of its 5×5 grid. The minimum bet on the platform is 0.00003 BTC (30 Bits). The maximum bet is 1 BTC.

Country Restrictions

Satoshi Mines’s country restrictions depend upon the jurisdiction from where you access the platform. The website itself doesn’t single out any country where its services are not delivered. Instead, it leaves the responsibility upon the player to ensure that they are compliant with their own local laws pertaining to online gambling.

Since Satoshi Mine offers deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin and doesn’t accept any fiat currency, this sets it free from having to comply with regulatory requirements for fiat payment processors.

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Bottom Line

Overall Satoshi Mines is a very unique Bitcoin gambling game, which offers one highly addictive thrilling mine game. Although they do not offer any sign-up bonus it arguable has one the best odds out of any Bitcoin gambling game available today. Additionally the site has provable fair games and offers great anonymity.

We are currently unaware of any complaints or issues that players have had with Satoshi Mines, so we believe they are safe, reliable, and are secure. If you have any feedback about Satoshi Mines please let us know!

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    i send 0.4 btc to satoshimines but 18 hours and 70 conf past it is not deposited

    send 4 or 7 help messages to admin by using sites original help page but no response pas 18 hours

    + PROS: i send 0.4 btc to satoshimines but 18 hours and 70 conf past it is not deposited send 4 or 7 help messages to admin by using sites original help page but no response pas 18 hours
    - CONS: i send 0.4 btc to satoshimines but 18 hours and 70 conf past it is not depositedi send 0.4 btc to satoshimines but 18 hours and 70 conf past it is not deposited
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    • Email them again and if you do not hear back by Monday let us know and we will follow up with them. They have not scammed anyone in their 4 years of operation so I doubt they will start now.

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