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Nitrogen Sports Overview

Nitrogen Sports is an online sportsbook and casino that lets you place your sports bets and enjoy digital casino games from your home.

Through its platform, Nitrogen Sports allows you to bet on almost every popular sport and its related events. While the platform intensively focuses on its offerings as a sportsbook, it does have select casino titles such as card games and table games in place. All of these offerings are also provably fair, which ensures that your wagers are being handled in a reliable manner.

The platform comes with a classic interface that sits right in with old-school betting websites. The design might seem a bit outdated at first. But it lets you get familiarized with the website design rather quickly and allows you to place your bets in a painless way. It is also mobile-friendly and seamlessly translates to modern handheld devices for added ease.

Nitrogen Sports has a large diversity of Bitcoin sporting events that gamblers are able to bet on. Nitrogen Sports operates in two areas – Sports Betting & Poker. They offers excellent customer service, but currently does not offer any sign-up bonus. Additionally, it offers fast and secure deposits and withdrawals (utilizing the benefits of Bitcoins) with an excellent variety of sports games to bet on. In our opinion at BGR it offers the best anonymity for any online Bitcoin Sports betting site. A brief summary of current Sporting events that gamblers can bet on include:

  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer/Football
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Horses
  • MMA
  • Golf
  • Racing, Nascar, Formula One
  • Tennis

Account Registration

Nitrogen Sports focus on instant account registration and lets you place your bets anonymously.

The account registration process kicks off as soon as you land on the website. After asking for age confirmation, Nitrogen Sports leads you to fill out a Captcha. From there, it allows you to pick a username and password for your account. Once you have set your email in your account area, you are ready to make deposits and withdrawals in order to enjoy the platform’s offerings.


Nitrogen Sports betting image

Nitrogen Sports doesn’t offer any sign-up bonuses. It simply allows you to place bets on the platform and score winnings through its sportsbook or casino games. However, it lets you enjoy free bets on your account from time to time.

This is mainly due to the platform’s focus on anonymity, which bars it from tracking user accounts. With that being said, the platform also offers bet buy-ins which let you amplify your winning during major sport events.

Basic Betting Overview

Maximum and Minimum Wages

The maximum wager is currently 5 Bitcoins (one of the biggest maximum wagers around) and the minimum wager is 0.001 Bitcoins. Unlike some of the other Bitcoin Sports betting sites, Nitrogen Sports deals in Bitcoins and not site credits.

Payment Methods

Nitrogen Sports accepts Bitcoin as its exclusive payment method. This means that you cannot use any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency on the platform.

However, despite this restriction, Bitcoin’s extensive accessibility and the promise for immediate transactions adds some value to the platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Since Nitrogen Sports only supports Bitcoin, its deposits and withdrawals are based on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, it makes that these transactions are not subject to delays and are completed as fast as possible. This lets you transfer your amount in and out of the platform with ease.

Whenever you are making a deposit, you need to transfer it to the Bitcoin wallet address outlined by the platform. Similarly, when you are ready to make a withdrawal, you can have it initiated to your own Bitcoin wallet address.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?

Deposits are done instantly, as deposit funds are available to wager with zero confirmations. Additionally, withdrawals are automatically processed.

How long does it take to setup an account?

Accounts are setup instantly when you land on the site. Anonymity is much higher at Nitrogen sports than other Bitcoin Sports betting sites as they do not even require an email address.

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nitrogen sports homepage

Country Restrictions

Nitrogen Sports does not specify any countries in its list of restricted territories. However, it does explicitly ask its users to check this information for themselves. This requires more responsibility from your end as a bettor, but it is also an important factor that you should adhere to at all times.

Bottom Line

At BGR we really like the variety of sporting games covered and available to bet on at Nitrogen Sports. The Poker Room free rolls are getting bigger and the number of players is increasing steadily. We also like the anonymity and the betting range from a low minimum and a high maximum bet. However, they do not offer live betting and also does not currently offer a sign-up bonus.

We are currently unaware of any complaints or issues that players have had with gambling at Nitrogen sports, so we believe they are safe, reliable, offering good anonymity and are secure!

If you have any feedback please let us know!

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  1. thanks for the great info

  2. 5
    Game Variety
    Customer Service

    Love by NS’s!

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  3. This was a fairly accurate and honest review but I just thought I’d add a bit of an update and some additional info. Nitrogen has long since added live betting for most major sporting events. They have a very active chat room that is constantly monitored by staff and after massive amounts of players asking they implemented that feature. On their staff/support – I’ve made 100s of withdrawals from their site and had an abnormal delay once, I emailed support, received immediate response and had the matter resolved very quickly.

    the hold ’em poker free rolls you mentioned happen at the top of every hour, 24 hours a day, with actual Bitcoin payment to the winner. it’s extremely small but still pretty cool. deposits do require confirmations to be used for poker but you were correct in that you can make sports wagers instantly, with 0 confirmations.

    Speaking of sports, it may be of interest to a lot of the Bitcoin gambling community that, in addition to essentially every sporting event around the world at any given time, you can also bet on many esports competitions (dota, lol, hearthstone, cs go, sc 2, etc.). they also occasionally offer fun non sports wagers on things like Hollywood award ceremony winners, elections and possibility of impeachments… seriously. I wasn’t exaggerating the vast amount of sports they cover though, I’ve gambled on minor league games in countries I couldn’t immediately find on a map. their odds are also equal to or better than most books most of the time.

    the site works brilliantly. sports book, poker, blackjack, dice and I’m forgetting a couple other luck type games but I’m on too horrible am old iPad to open another tab and check. I’ve recommended this site to many people since first joining a few years ago.

    ****I’d add that they did just put out a statement regarding segwit and the impending changes to the Bitcoin network. they are temporarily requiring 6 confirmations on deposits to ensure that people aren’t double spending their deposits or any other trickery. they’ve made it clear that this is temporary and it will return to the instant deposit system once the changes have been applied and things go back to normal.****

    • ***FYI Deposits are back to normal and no longer require 6 confirmations***

    • just realizing another part that got cutoff… their mobile site is brilliant on both iOS and Android. Nvr had the opportunity to try windows mobile though. Still, I only ever play poker or use sports book and both work without issue on both the major mobile systems. The poker room actually has a nice mobile feature that allows you to go full screen. The only downside to sports book on mobile is this: you browse through available wagers by scrolling vertically. when you see a bet you’d like to make you click it. on PC all the wagers you select are added to a card on the side that “follows” as you scroll, there you enter your eager amounts and choose whether to make straight bets or parlays. On mobile it remains at the top of the screen. so you scroll down down down adding bets to your “card” when finished you have to scroll back to the top to enter amounts and select straight/parlay. not the end of the world and would be quite difficult to implement any other way but still the minorest of nuisances.

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