Bitcoin Gambling Investments

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments

Bitcoin Gambling Investments are possible today, yet extremely risky. With enough Bitcoins you could build your own Bitcoin Gambling site, or you could passively invest in Bitcoin Gambling sites operating today.

The most popular way to passively invest in a Bitcoin Gambling site is done by investing in the sites bankroll. All Bitcoin Gambling sites have a house edge, meaning in the long run, if run correctly they should all be profitable. However in the short run a Gambling site can take a hit and will need to pay out gamblers and this is where the bankroll comes into play.  We will not go into the maths of how to run a bankroll, but essentially if you want to attract big gamblers where you can make the biggest aggregate profits you need a big bankroll.

A big bankroll in today’s Gambling world generally means 1000’s of Bitcoins or millions of USD. Most guys who build Gambling sites don’t have 1000’s of Bitcoins so they offer a share of their profits to any investors who contribute towards the bankroll.

It all sounds like an awesome deal. You invest your Bitcoins into a Gambling sites bankroll and you share the profits forever, but what are the risks?

Gambling Risk – In the short term gamblers can win causing loses to investors and there is no guarantee that investors will recoup this investment. If the site no longer attracts players or investors pull their money out then you may never recoup your investment.

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Site Scam – As no one really knows who is running the Gambling sites there is always the possibility that the site can just shut down and take all investors returns. This has happened many times before and is likely to happen again.

Legal Risks – The site could be shut down by a government or your government might make Gambling in Bitcoins illegal.

Bitcoin Price Risk – Bitcoin itself is extremely volatile, even if you double your investment if Bitcoin halves in price then you have made nothing.

What Can You Make?

This is a very tough question to answer, historically some sites can double their bankroll over a few years and others can take everything. As Bitcoin Gambling is still in it’s infancy and the topic can be debated for long periods of time with conflicting ideas we decided to try by investing in some sites.

We converted $3000 USD into Bitcoin on the 8th of August and invested it all into our top 5 Bitcoin Gambling Investments sites. Splitting the investment equally over different sites will hopefully decrease the risks (we would like to invest in more but do not feel there is enough safe Bitcoin Gambling Investment sites around yet).

Our Bitcoin Gambling Investments

We spent a lot of time working out where to put our $3000 US or 5 Bitcoins, and in the end we evenly put 1 Bitcoin into the following sites:

  • BetKing
  • MoneyPots
  • SafeDice
  • Crypto-Games
  • Satoshi Dice

There is a lot of reasons why some sites are better than others to invest in, we think the following is critical:

  • How long has the site been around?
  • What is the house edge?
  • How much of the house edge they share with investors?
  • How popular is the site?
  • What are people saying about the site on the Bitcoin Talk Forums?
  • Does the site get hacked regularly?
  • Are the admin responsive to issues?
  • How has it performed historically?

We will not be giving investment advice, but we have been in contact with most of the sites we have invested in and have left out others that we didn’t feel comfortable with at this stage.

After nearly one week a summary of the returns and current balance can be seen below:

Bitcoin Investment table start


We have created a useful page full of information for Understanding Bitcoin Gambling Investments here.

Bitcoin Gambling Investment Monthly Updates For One Year!

Bitcoin Gambling Investments First Month   5.32883 BTC @ $3,203

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Second Month 5.84366 BTC @ $3,530

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Third Month  5.83987 BTC @ $4,123

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Fourth Month 5.78052 BTC @ $4,275

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Fifth Month 6.18321 BTC @ $5,907

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Sixth Month 6.44548 BTC @ $5,936

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Seventh Month 6.76204 BTC @ $8,689

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Eighth Month 7.01357 BTC @ $7,561

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Ninth Month 7.14640 BTC @ $9,433

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Tenth Month 7.40041 BTC @ $18,693

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Eleventh Month 7.41575 BTC @ $18,910

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Twelfth Month 7.48098 BTC @ $24,200

Bitcoin Gambling Investing Plot 52 week

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