Bitcoin Gambling Investments 12/12

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 12/12

It is done! After one year of investing in Bitcoin gambling bankrolls we have avoided a catastrophic event (a casino running away with our money) and made a lot money! If you remember our first post on the Bitcoin Gambling Investment experiment we bought 5 Bitcoins for $3,000 one year ago! As of today we now have $24,200 worth of Bitcoin or 7.48098 Bitcoins. We made just under 50% returns on a Bitcoin basis and with the Bitcoin price going up so much in a year our investment has grown by over a factor of 8!

The returns absolutely trumped expectations, but what did we learn during the year?

  • Not all sites bankrolls are run the same.
  • Not all bankrolls favor the investor
  • Some bankroll investments are now being replaced with ICO’s

In the end Crypto-Games and SafeDice did the best in terms of total returns (excluding BetKing which is doing an ICO currently). They performed the best in our opinion because:

  • They have the best house edge on the market attracting lots of players.
  • They give investors more than 50% of the earnings (50% is what some competitors do).
  • They have a good community where players are always coming back

KingDice and YoloDice came late to the game but also produced great returns. Yolodice particularly has a growing community and in general a well run dice site. KingDice did well even considering the bankroll was so small, however it needs some work on the site to get more investors and players on board. Potentially increasing investors returns and lowering the house edge may do that for KingDice.

The final table of returns is below:

Week 52 plot of returns


The final weekly plot of all the returns from each site is below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investing Plot 52 week

If this is your first time ever reading about Bitcoin Gambling Bankroll Investing I highly recommend you read this introduction:

Understanding Bitcoin Gambling Investments – it covers the risks, the rewards, my own experience and much more.

If you have missed the first 11 months of reports they are below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Start 5 BTC @ $3,000

Bitcoin Gambling Investments First Month   5.32883 BTC @ $3,203

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Second Month 5.84366 BTC @ $3,530

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Third Month  5.83987 BTC @ $4,123

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Fourth Month 5.78052 BTC @ $4,275

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Fifth Month 6.18321 BTC @ $5,907

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Sixth Month 6.44548 BTC @ $5,936

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Seventh Month 6.76204 BTC @ $8,689

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Eighth Month 7.01357 BTC @ $7,561

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Ninth Month 7.14640 BTC @ $9,433

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Tenth Month 7.40041 BTC @ $18,693

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Eleventh Month 7.41575 BTC @ $18,910

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 12/12 Summary

We did it! Investing in Bitcoin bankrolls is extremely profitable as the last year has proven! We will definitely continue investment in Bitcoin bankrolls and you will be able to go here to see our current Bitcoin Investments on Bitcoin Millionaire.

Turning $3,000 in to over $24,200 was incredible and would be hard to get anywhere else! We hope you found the last 12 months of reports useful and if you had a similar experience please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi, what were the leverage levels used at the different casinos? Thanks

  2. Thanks Scott for providing all these information. I am starting bankrolls too, but it has been slow so far. I hope you continue to post monthly results if you are still doing bankrolls. Good luck to both of us.

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