Primedice Overview

Primedice is another Dice Bitcoin Gambling Game that again is similar to Satoshi Dice but offers superior odds with a house edge of only 1% as opposed to 1.8% at Satoshi Dice. The proprietor will enable users to deposit bitcoin, gamble with it, and earn more bitcoin if they get lucky. The game play is similar to the other Dice Games with a very user friendly interface helping the player focus on gambling.

People find it intriguing because it will utilize provably fair mechanisms, simple modern design and other features that make it compelling. Blockchain based components in addition to other factors make PrimeDice a betting game that draws in more people. Users realize that they can rely on the blockchain to prove fairness. Furthermore, a very low house edge favor of less than 2% makes it even more appealing because it works to even the playing field.

Of course, since it is found on the world wide web, people can access it from the comfort of their current location, no matter where they are, they can login and make a few bets. Then it is a game that is not complicated in the least. One will merely input their bet amount, payouts, and roll the dice. If the luck is in your favor you can win, if not, you can try again.

From its interface to its overall simplicity, it provides users with exactly what they need and nothing more making it perfect for those that seek to relax for a bit.

Prime Dice is a provably fair Bitcoin Gambling site that offers good anonymity and there is customer service if you require it (with Prime Dice getting back to your requests within 24 hours).

As of August 2016 Primedice looks to have taken over as the biggest Bitcoin Dice site in terms of volume in the world!

Account Registration

Registering on PrimeDice is straightforward. Users must simply navigate to the register button on the upper right hand side of the screen, it is hard to miss as it is painted in an orange-ish hue. You can quickly input your username, password, and email, making it anonymous and perfect for anyone who wants to play.

The site requests that you be at least eighteen years of age but does not conduct extreme or rigorous checks. Enter your information and you are ready to start your legendary dice journey. Of course, you will have to deposit bitcoin after registration to have everything ready to go.

Remember that a reliable internet connection will also be a requirement as you want to make sure everything processes in the right manner.

Bet limits, Withdrawals and Deposits

Currently the minimum bet at Prime Dice is 1 Satoshi per game.

Primedice Bitcoin deposits are credited immediately without the requirement of any confirmations, however, withdrawals can only be conducted after one confirmation of the deposit has been recieved.

How to Play

To start playing you will need to click deposit and send Bitcoins to the address provided. Once your Bitcoins have arrived you can modify the win odds or payout multiplier to your desired levels and then choose to roll under or over respective numbers on their percentile dice. If you roll within your target range, you will be rewarded the corresponding Bitcoin payout.

When you’ve finished your bets, simply hit cashout and enter the amount you’d like to send from your balance to your bitcoin wallet. Additionally Primedice track users via cookies, so you will only be required to login with your password if logging in from a different device.

In play screen-shot

Primedice gameplay


Unfortunately there are no sign up or deposit bonuses. Further, since Primedice is not a conventional casino one should not expect traditional bonuses for being a participant. As there’s only one option to gamble, it is hard to create specific bonuses as in other casinos. Now, while they do not have traditional bonuses, they still offer their respective program to retain and gratify users.

An unique program is the VIP Club structure. The VIP Club structure comes with several layers that players can earn over time. They will start the Bronze tier before they progress to the final Diamond layer.

The higher up you are in the club, the better your bonus structure and incentives. These incentives will range with different time periods. This means that they can vary from days to weeks to months.

Finally, they will enable you to earn in other ways such as through encouraging your friends to become a part of PrimeDice and receiving some small rewards each time they join and play. The small rewards can add up over time and that is what makes everything worthwhile.


The faucet is no more on Primedice. Proprietors of the platform quite likely discontinued the feature because it did not yield as much value to the users of the platform.

Further, the creators of the platform or those who run it now provided other ways for users to gain a small portion of bitcoin or other tokens to try the game. They offer promotions, rakebacks, and coupons which let people engage with the platform in a more deeper manner.

People prefer the new methods over the bland method of the faucet generating tokens for them to use as noted by several users. Remember that the faucet was present to help people test the game and not for them to make significant gains. Always remember that you can gain more by depositing and playing.

VIP Club

The VIP club is a special program on Primedice that caters to loyal users. The more you interact with the platform and engage the higher you advance in the club. The higher your ranking the better bonuses, promotions, and other features that you can take advantage of to have even more fun over time. The VIP feature is a compelling one that many gravitate to and invest in for the long term.

Provably Fair

Customers appreciate that the entity does have the provably fair feature that the offer through the blockchain integration. The idea here is simple, they present transparency on genuine randomness guaranteeing fairness for everyone involved.

Payment Methods

The entity supports bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, dodge, bitcoin cash, and even litecoin.

Deposits and Withdrawals

People appreciate the fact that you can conduct instant deposits and withdrawals through the entity. There are no minimum deposits and small minimum withdrawal limits for each respective currency.

Country Restrictions

They do restrict a few countries ranging from the United States to Australia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, France, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

Video Review

Bottom Line

At BGR we think Primedice is one of the top Bitcoin Dice Gambling games currently available. The game play is unique and is very user friendly while offering great odds. Additionally, the site has provable fair games, good customer feedback and offers great anonymity.

We are currently unaware of any complaints or issues that players have had, so we believe they are safe, reliable, and are secure. If you have any feedback about this site please let us know!

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