Planet Finance

A tale of the global decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem is incomplete without the mention of Planet Finance. In essence, the DeFi ecosystem is a digital system that makes financial products available and more open to the public’s consumption through a decentralized blockchain network. 

Planet Finance has been distinguished as a straightforward medium through which software written on blockchains can enable ample peer-to-peer interactions among buyers and sellers.

What does DeFi imply for a capital market? Well, DeFi is a digital financial ecosystem whose operations thrive on a shared infrastructure. Just like other DeFi platforms, Planet Finance has been distinguished as a tokenization medium that allows its digitally eligible subscribers to dematerialize their assets through a decentralized blockchain system.

As part of the DeFi world, Planet Finance allows its investors to store cryptographic hashes on a shared infrastructure to prove the validity of the pieces of personal data they provide through a somewhat AML&KYC example. The system doesn’t need to initiate multiple/unnecessary checks once the investor shows the will to subscribe to an offering.

Planet Finance allows for direct onboarding of investors, compliance enforcement and provides an investor-customer interface that allows for effective asset management. Currently, Planet Finance has undertaken real-time digitization of securities to enhance its levels of accessibility to new dimensions of investors.

Planet Finance

What Is Planet Finance?

Planet Finance’s mission is to curate the best DeFi opportunities while educating its consumer segments on why it incorporates certain cryptocurrencies and vaults in its ecosystem. To date, the platform operates as an interplanetary ecosystem that is built on Binance Smart Chain and governed by AQUA.

To date, Planet Finance has gained recognition as one of the best DeFi software promising its users high yields with minimal risks- starting with one of the highly optimized stable coin aggregators in the crypto world. Planet Finance’s AQUA tokens make it one of the highest-yielding DeFi reward platforms as it allows for automated compounding interests on all amounts invested.

The system cushions its customer segments from risky operations by diversifying the DeFi apps it extracts its outputs from. Planet Finance pledges to present its clients with top-quality projects while granting each AQUA holder the right to benefit from the fees generated by the user protocol.

The blue planet system applies smart auto compounding operations that yield optimal returns with a 3-second payout rate for the least fees paid. Blue Planet currently has a bullish growth strategy as it plans to incorporate a lending platform, an insurance avenue, and a profit-distribution model among all planets serving AQUA holders.

Interplanetary Starmap

Planet Finance’s slogan “Where we are going, We don’t need roads” is a clear reflection of the steady, yet sophisticated journey it has undergone throughout its developmental process. The journey started on 2nd May 2021 with the launch of Blue Planet. Today, the DeFi system explores an extraordinary growth strategy to enhance its consumer base and strengthen its operations in the crypto world.

Here’s a brief overview of Planet Finance’s interplanetary road map:

  • 2nd May 2021- Launch of Blue Planet
  • 13th May 2021- Launch of Red Planet
  • 11th June 2021- Enabling the swap operation on Planet Finance’s platform
  • 25th June 2021- The launch of the Planet Finance protocol fee calculator
  • 16th July 2021- Launch of Uranus

Coming soon– Pink Planet, Green Planet, Purple Planet, and Wormhole

Blue Planet

The Blue Planet medium is meant to allow Planet Finance’s users to trade in high-yielding stable coins. Being the first medium of trade on Planet Finance’s platform, Blue Planet is distinguished as one of the safest and most lucrative stable coin vaults. The yields gained on the Blue Planet are auto-compounded to grant users the highest Annual Profit Yields (APY) in the DeFi space by far!

Red Planet

Red Planet was launched on 13th May 2021 to offer Planet Finance’s clients the best auto-compounded gains for the best cryptocurrencies in the decentralized finance ecosystem like BTC, BNB, and ETH. 

Similarly, Planet Finance has made Red Planet available for trade-in multiple liquidity pools like the BTC-ETH, BNB-BTC, BNB-ETH, BNB-BUSD, BNB-DOT, CAKE-BNB, etc. With new pools added every week!


Launched on 16th July 2021, Uranus accommodates high-yielding single vaults and liquidity pools that don’t make Red Planet’s top-quality coins. Uranus has farms for what most people in the crypto world consider “shit coins”.

Despite the demeaning nickname, Uranus can easily yield 100X tokens. Unlike the Red Planet, Uranus comes with potentially higher risks. With new pools added every few weeks, there are an endless amount of opportunities with this planet.
So far Uranus is my favorite, go big or go home!

What The Future Holds

Planet Finance has also initiated plans to launch other trading platforms apart from Blue Planet, Red Planet, and Uranus. Here’s an overview of what you must expect from Planet Finance in the coming days:

Green Planet

Green Planet shall come with a new Utility Token that will be traded on a lending and borrowing platform. Planet Finance plans to customize Green Planet’s platform in a way that it will bring in earnings in terms of the fees charged from the net interest margin between the borrowed and supplied revenues.

The earnings will be remitted among the AQUA stakers on the Green Planet platform. Similarly, Finance Planet plans to use the Utility Token to decrease the fees charged on all platforms.

Pink Planet/NFT Market

The pink planet has few details yet but looks to be a great addition to the already thriving planetary system that is PlanetFinance. More details will be provided on their blog section in the coming days.


The economics behind Planet Finance’s operations aims to foster fair token distribution among all subscribers on the platform. This explains why the system never allows trading in team tokens, favorites, and pre-sales. You earn $AQUA on every amount you invest in pools and vaults.

Generally, early adoption of AQUAs gives you an upper hand in terms of the attributed gains. You may buy, sell or destroy your AQUAs on Planet Finance’s platform. The destruction process seeks to increase the scarcity of the AQUA over time. The fact that the AQUA will remain scarce makes it more valuable with time. This is a great reason to recommend Planet Finance as an investment platform.

Final Points

Planet Finance has emerged as one of the most effective DeFi applications as it allows its users to access high yields at low risk. To date, Planet Finance has adopted a revolutionary strategy aimed at transforming its ecosystems.

The platform aims at enhancing its user’s wellbeing through its rolling interests, AQUA stakes, and the use of high-quality cryptocurrencies that operate within smart and secure contracts. The future is looking bright with this project.





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