BetKing Poker Rake Race – $9000 Weekly Giveaway!

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BetKing having recently added Bitcoin Poker to the site have now made it even more enticing for Poker players to join their platform. BetKing has now added a $9,000 weekly giveaway to active Poker players in the form of a weekly Rake Race.

There are three leader boards for different stakes each with it’s own prize pool. Simply play Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha or Open Face Chinese now at BetKing for your chance to win on the leader board prize. Now this isn’t just for big betting Poker players, this is for everyone as the the top 50 in each of the three categories (micro, mid and high stakes) are all paid out as per the below details:

BetKing Poker Rake Race $9000 Weekly Payouts

BetKing Poker Rake Race details

All the Poker games run on the well-known Swedish ‘Cubeia’ platform. Players have the choice to play on many different device from desktop and your phones (IOS/Android). Dean the CEO of BetKing is always updating players (and ICO investors) on the BetKing Telegram account, BetKing Bitcoin Talk account and on the BetKing onsite chat. So if you have any questions about the site or for Dean you can generally always find it (sometimes on the Poker table too).

Do you need to be a pro to make money with this challenge?

No. Most of the team at Bitcoin Gambling Reviews love playing Poker but are far from professional at it. However, we have had one account playing on the tables (under coingamblingreviews) to join in on the fun. What we noticed is that the Rake Race is not yet had a huge participation and if you merely play a few games (and wager more than 1 mBTC) you are basically guaranteed a price as less than 50 players are joining in each category.

We played in both the micro and mid stakes games and look to have made top 20 positions in both (with the payout scheduled weekly). We are not sure how long this competition will last, but we are sure it will attract more and more players as time goes by, so it is definitely worth jumping on board now!

Check out of Bitcoin Poker Video Review of BetKing below:



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