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BitDouble First impressions

With dice games being the favorite spotlight of new Bitcoin casinos, you’ve certainly got to credit BitDouble with its attempt to bring in new and unique games. Branding itself as a social gambling site, BitDouble may only have two games to show off for now, but at least it’s something a little different.

They’ve checked off the usual aspects of a Bitcoin site: provably fair mechanisms, micro-betting and fast plays, so it’s already a solid base to build upon. As it’s still a new site, there is understandably not much going on at the chat (at least when we were there) but a look at the leaderboards show that many players have already wagered huge sums.

Hopefully, they make good on their promise of introducing more games – it’d be very interesting to see more multiplayer and PvP betting available and we feel this would be a distinct niche BitDouble could take advantage of.

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BitDouble Roulette has a simple layout, a strip of numbers from 0 to 14 laid out horizontally. The house starts a “spin” and everyone is free to place bets on the outcome. Every outcome you choose (Red, Black, Odd, Even) pays you out double, except if you bet on 0, in which case you’ll win 14 times your wager.

There’s nothing fancy about the Coinflip game. You square off with another player, match their bets or have them match yours. Heads or tails, winner takes all.

They may be lacking in little else other than basic double or nothing outcomes, but with provably fair mechanisms, and the window to chat with other players as the Roulette spins, there’s a certain social charm to it.

Probably due to the upfront simple nature of their games, there isn’t much in the way of support except for a ticket system, although admins in the Chat Window were responsive when we asked for help.

Payments and Bonuses

As the casino name suggests, the smallest bets you can make are in bits (100 satoshi or 0.001 mBTC). You can deposit as little as 1 mBTC but you’ll need to wait for up to 2 confirmations before you can start betting. As you’ll need to wager your deposit at least once, and the minimum withdrawal is 2.5 mBTC, you might want to consider a larger deposit, however.

Max bets are limited at 500 mBTC but it’s a new site, so we expect this to be raised in future.

Traditional casinos commonly offer cashback programs but have high wagering requirements attached. This is where BitDouble trumps competition, as you get a BTC bonus that’s all yours to keep when you reach wagering milestones. These bonuses are 10% of the milestone amount. Each of these 10 milestones also earn you a VIP level and corresponding badges so you can show off to people in chat that you’re a high roller.

Finally, there’s a small 500 satoshi faucet that you can claim once per hour if you are at 0 balance. However, it didn’t work for us (error message “too many faucet claims”) and someone in chat suggested that perhaps someone else had claimed from our IP.


There’s no doubt as to the popularity of Bitcoin dice sites, but BitDouble’s modest attempts at improving the availability of multiplayer and PvP games should be applauded. There’s certainly a dearth of social crypto gambling and BitDouble is proof that there is a market for them.

Once it’s had time to grow in member base and the wagering volume here increases, we’ve no doubt there’s more in store.

So if you’re looking for something a little different, we’d definitely recommend hitting this place up.


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