Bitcoin Gambling Investments 2/12

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 2/12

It has now been two months since we started our Bitcoin Gambling Investments experiment and we have now made a 16.87% return on a Bitcoin basis and a 17.65% return on a USD basis. In aggregate our initial 5 Bitcoin Investment in 5 different Bitcoin Gambling sites is now worth 5.84366 Bitcoins, or on a USD basis our $3000 investment is now worth approximately $3530. A summary of the investment returns on the different Bitcoin Gambling sites is tabulated below:

Bitcoin Gambling Returns After 2 Months

Bitcoin gambling investment table after 2 months

Like the first months Bitcoin Gambling Returns, MoneyPot and Satoshi Dice have remained flat or slightly negative. There has not been a high variance of the returns over the month for these sites. This leads us to believe that they are simply not getting the betting volume required with respect to their bankroll sizes. We believe this is why we are getting lackluster returns to date, however, as time goes on we will see if this pattern continues.

SafeDice and BetKing both had large betting volumes with respect to their bankrolls, and as such the returns were very volatile during the month. A ‘whale’ lost around 1000 Bitcoins in BetKing over the last week alone, and as such BetKing has now the best returns to date of 38.74% on a Bitcoin basis. SafeDice returns were circa -20% at one stage but are currently sitting at 29.12% on a Bitcoin basis. SafeDice easily produces the greatest variance of returns so far. We believe this is because of the low house edge of just 0.5% and the large volume of betting given the small size of the bankroll.

Crypto-Games week in and week out has had steady returns with little variance. The chart below is the returns of their site since inception:

Crypto-Games returns chart

The chart shows a near linear growth in their returns since inception with very little variance. When compared to the other sites we have invested in, the steady returns make you question why the lack of variance? When we looked deeper in Crypto-Games some things stand out above the rest which include:

  • The house edge is not 0.8% but it varies between games (making it higher):
    • Dice has a house edge of 0.8%
    • Slot has a house edge of 1.97%
    • Blackjack has a house edge of 1.253%
    • Lottery has a house edge of 1.5%
    • Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%
  • The maximum a player can win is less than 0.5% of the bankroll on any given bet, whereas most other dice sites can be up to 5% at a small house edge!
  • As an investor you get to share 80% of the site profits, whereas other sites take a cut from every bet; win or lose which can hurt your returns.

Crypto-Games Investment Increase

If you do visit Crypto-Games and look at the ‘Most Invested’ tab you will notice the user ‘coingambling’ at number 16 with currently over 5.6 Bitoins invested – That is us! We are continuing on with the 1 Bitcoin Investment in Crypto-games but we have also decided to invest more in the bankroll. We believe it has great potential with relatively low risk compared to some of the sites we have seen to date, and so, we decided to invest more Bitcoins! A screenshot of the top bankroll investors at Crypto-Games is below:

Top Investor List at Crypto-Games

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 2/12 Summary

Overall the total return after two months of 16.87% on a Bitcoin basis exceeds our initial expectations. We have been impressed by Crypto-Games and increased our total Bankroll investment there. In the following months we may do the same on another site(s).

There is another 10 months to go and a lot of things can happen in that time. We are still fearful that a site could go down and take our total investment, however, that potential disaster is yet to happen. So in the next month given the current returns, we believe we should have made our first Bitcoin in profit from our initial 5 Bitcoin Investment! What do you think will happen?

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