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Etheroll is a provably fair, no deposit and no sign up dice game that uses Ether.
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Etheroll offers a provably fair 100 side dice game that has a very low, 1% house edge. The site is easy to navigate and use so if you enjoy dice games then why not try it out.

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Disclaimer – Bitcoin Millionaire is a holder of Dice tokens

What is Etheroll

The online gambling industry has recently obtained newfound traction in terms of leveraging the latest technology and widespread attention.

This has been possible due to blockchain technology. The technology has provided advancements across the board in aspects such as transparency, trust and immutability.

Blockchain technology does not only ensure transparency by maintaining immutable financial records but also makes sure that, with certain preset conditions, functions that are performed on a blockchain-powered platform remain to be tamper-proof.

This aspect of tamper-proof is what gives blockchain technology strength and value to a variety of parties.

Add the assurance of anonymity to the other aspects, an anonymity that allows individuals to maintain confidentiality of their personal details. The ability of individuals to never reveal their personal identities to these sites even while making payments, creates significant potential.

Where would something like these traits be valuable? If you guessed the online gambling industry. You’ve got it right!

Due to these reasons, many sites have come to light where they leverage blockchain technology and its associated cryptocurrency functionalities to provide private and fair gambling services.

One such site is Etheroll, which offers a simple ETH dice game to its players but with functionalities that they could be looking for in a reliable online gambling facilitator.

What is Etheroll? First impression?

A provably-fair 100 side dice game with 1% house-edge, Etheroll has a simple and clean interface. The  interface is definitely easy on the eyes and provides the most important information to its users in a prominent manner.

Etheroll tells its users at first glance about pertinent details of the game, such as the bet size and chance to win percentage. The site even goes as far as summarizing that information in a Bet Slip for the reference of the players.

This way, players can have this information after they have selected the relevant options.

The site also segregates information regarding latest bets along with its “help” articles in separate tabs, making it easy for new players to learn about the site and exactly how it works.

However, the information about latest bets placed by existing players cannot be seen and the game cannot be played until the online player connects to an Ethereum node.

If connecting to an Ethereum node concerns you, don’t be.

Connecting to an Ethereum Node is rather simple and is easy to do. All that you have to is, install the Mist web browser or the MetaMask web browser extension (in your Chrome, Mozilla or Opera web browsers).

Both extensions will help you connect to the Ethereum blockchain through your usual desktop.

Note with the updated version, Etheroll fully supports Metamask, and recommend installing Metamask for its low barrier to entry.

How to play the Game on Etheroll?

Once you have connected to the platform, you would be able to see the information regarding latest bets.

By having your wallet connect to the blockchain, you will be able to play the game right from the homepage by the options shown above.

Since the game requires no sign-ups and no deposits. You only use the amount that you need and you use it by utilizing the interface.

When you have selected your bet size and the chance to win percentage, you can select a number from 1 to 99, and if your result is lower than your selected number, then you win. If it is not, then you need to try your luck again.

In cases where the player wins, the game provides them with their total amount.

The does so after deducting a 1% commission for itself while deducting the Gas charge for the transaction – since Gas is directly paid to the Ethereum blockchain and is not sent to the Etheroll platform itself.

In cases where the player loses, 1 Wei is sent back to them.

How can I start playing? Which cryptocurrencies does Etheroll accept?

While Etheroll accepts Ether (ETH) as the cryptocurrency to play the game, the platform also has its own eponymous token by the ticker of DICE, which is used to provide special benefits on and from the Etheroll platform.

The DICE token provides earnings to its holders every 12 weeks, depending upon the amount of DICE that they are holding.  It is done by distributing 100 percent of all Ether profits collectively among the DICE token holders.

The DICE token also provide its users with governance and voting rights, as well as the rights to play with the house edge when placing bets on the platform.

The DICE token has a total supply of 7,001,622.64, and it is available on exchanges such as IDEX and EtherDelta.

DICE is being traded at a value of $1.12 at the present time.

How is the customer service on Etheroll?

The customer service is provided by a primary email address on the site and aims to respond to all queries within a period of 24 hours.

This includes questions regarding the platform, issues faced while playing the game, and any problems encountered while withdrawing funds – since the platform vows to provide all withdrawals and refunds instantly.

Is Etheroll an enjoyable platform?

With its simple offering of a dice game but which has useful features such as eradicating the need for deposits, Etheroll is certainly one of the most user-friendly solutions available when it comes to online dice games.

If you enjoy dice games, then give this a try at least once. Who knows, you might just bookmark the site and keep going back.


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  1. 4.5
    Game Play
    Customer Service

    Etheroll has been my go-to dice game since it went online. I’m not up as much as the top players, but I’ve been lucky enough to come out on top so far. Having the results stream in real time on is a fantastic addition to the play. Here’s a fun chart to look at, go check out the Top 10 Rollers of all time sorted by number of rolls. Only 4 of the top ten are in the red, and three of those four are 10 ETH or less in the red. That’s an insane return for the high volume bettors on this great provably fair DICE game.

    And not to be forgotten is Etheroll’s best feature – betting in ETH. Thank you for not making me transfer to your token to play your game. THANK YOU!!

    One area for improvement would be the refreshing of the UI. Sometimes I don’t get notified of a result until I close the browser and relaunch and relogin to MetaMask. This is inconsistent behavior, which adds to its irritability since I can’t properly document it or recreate it. Ugh.

    Also eager to see a proper mobile version. I can already play on mobile with Toshi, but I believe a dedicated mobile UI is in the works.

    Roll on!


    + PROS: Have had to contact CS twice for stuck rolls and both tickets were cleared within hours. Doesn't get much more anonymous than this. Play right from MetaMask, Mist, or Toshi. No signups or deposits.
    - CONS: New UI is slick, but rolls don't always refresh for me without closing and relaunching the browser.
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  2. 5
    Game Play
    Customer Service

    I love etheroll been using it since launch and they have always been my go to platform for gambling on ethereum. I love the fact that i can set my own odds, and that I can play on my mobile using Toshi. There is no community like the etheroll community check out our sub-reddit and community build efforts such as

    + PROS: Anonymous. Can handle huge bets and I can set my own odds. Can play on mobile using Toshi.
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