Best Bitcoin Baccarat Sites

Baccarat is one of the easiest games to learn how to play, and is now available at good Bitcoin casinos. Unlike other casino games baccarat has some of the lowest house edges around making it very popular with gamblers. From high-roller gamblers or just the casual gambler our recommended casinos to play Bitcoin Baccarat at are:

Baccarat Odds

Baccarat offers players some of the best odds out of any Bitcoin casino game. The Baccarat house edge on banker bets is 1.06%, while the house edge on the player bet is 1.24%. The other bet (which we recommend to avoid) is the tie bet which has a house edge of approximately 5% with odds of only 8-1. Furthermore, the odds of the banker hand winning an individual hand is about 45.9%, and the player hand will win approximately 44.6% of the time. Ties occur around 9.5% of the time.

Bitcoin Baccarat Advantages

Anonymous: As Bitcoin Baccarat casinos use bitcoins, it can be played anonymously. No account is required so you can bet, win and deposit without giving any personal details. The most any good Bitcoin Casino should ask in terms of details is your username, password and possible an email address.

Deposits And Withdraws: In the traditional online gambling world casino deposits and withdrawals can take a long time as you get your account processed and verified from banks (which can also have high fees). Bitcoin Baccarat utilizing Bitcoin as the main payment method means you can avoid this issue and start game play instantly and withdraw nearly as fast.

Play From Anywhere In The World: Unlike other online casinos you can play Baccarat on Bitcoin Casinos from anywhere in the world, regardless of the laws of the country you are residing in.

Legalilty: Bitcoins offer pseudo-anonymity which makes it difficult for the government to trace or even control transactions. Additionally there are currently no laws that have been implemented banning online Bitcoin Gambling

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