A new Bitcoin Roulette Table that offers a user friendly interface and anonymous play
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Great has created an online face Roulette table in the Bitcoin space that offers users the chance for anonymous play!

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Customer Service
Bonuses/Referral Program
  • Referral system
  • Complete player anonymity
  • Provably Fair
  • House edge of 2.7%
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Self-dubbed as the world’s biggest roulette table, is an online bitcoin gambling platform that allows its users to place bets on digital spins.

Interested players can deposit Bitcoin to their account in order to enjoy playing this digitized take on a European roulette, which has a 2.70% house edge.

While provides its players with simple options to place bets with the world’s prime cryptocurrency, users do not have to go through any verification procedures in order to withdraw their won or deposited funds from the platform. This makes one of the few online gambling platforms that operate without any requirement for verification or ID submission by their users.

However, since the platform offers a Free Bitcoin program in which it gives away some Bitcoin to selected users, it requires those users to associate their account with a social media account, as well as an email address and a phone number.

This is done so the same users cannot avail the offer again and again by using the veil of anonymity in a malicious manner. In case any users are wary of sharing any personal information at all, then they can take part in the Free Bitcoin program by depositing at least 0.00297799 BTC to

In addition to the well-thought-out anonymity features that set apart from its counterparts, the platform also follows industry best practices by ensuring that it is provably fair to all its users.

Elaborating on the provably fair system of the platform, it is based on a random number generator, the outcome of which remains completely unpredictable due to the way that it has been developed. The algorithm which is used by is verifiable through a separate webpage that is available through the site.

By using the tool, users can verify the authenticity and fairness of each round by entering their details to ensure that there was no foul play involved in their betting round.

While does not require an email at the time of signing up with the platform and only needs a username and password through a default in-window popup prompt, it does offer two-factor authorization to those who would like to avail it in order to make their account more secure. also has a lifetime referral program in which users can avail a percentage from the wages of anyone whom they refer to the platform, without an expiration date set for the offer. Furthermore, while referrers enjoy this benefit, the new users who get referred to the platform by someone are entitled to claim 0.00007445 BTC of their own.

The support department on is accessible through a ticketing system, where users can send in their inquiries for the website’s team to get back to them accordingly.

Users on have different levels that are gained through XP points, in a way that is similar to many RPGs. While these XP levels do not affect the users’ ability to bet, there are certain perks on the platform that only come with higher XP levels.

The platform also has a built-in chat interface on the site where users can directly interact with other users, while those holding an XP level of 5 and above are able to tip other users with Bitcoin as well. This builds an overall sense of community and collaborative gameplay between users.


The spins on take place every 33 seconds with users having the option to place bets through different chances to win. Since the round takes place publicly and for everyone, all users on the website are playing the same game in which they can participate upon their own discretion, or simply hang around to watch as the game unfolds for everyone.

Since the bets are placed publicly, users can see the bets placed by other users, through the association with their chosen user ID.

As explained earlier, the game itself is based on European roulette format where there are 36 pockets with 1 green zero, while it has a house edge of 2.70%.

The game also has a “Simple Mode” which allows users to place quick bets in each round. There are three sections in Simple Mode, namely Black, Green, and Red. The Black and Red sections have a payout multiplier of 2x with a maximum bet of 0.52160954 BTC; whereas the Green mode has a payout multiplier of 35x with a maximum bet of 0.07451565 BTC.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are simple with Since there is no requirement for verification, users can simply create an account with a username and password and go to the Deposit option on the site in order to obtain a wallet address for

They can then transfer their Bitcoin to, and after one confirmation on the network, the transaction amount reflects in their account. However, in order to withdraw any deposited funds, the deposited transactions must have 3 confirmations on the Bitcoin network.

There are no deposit limits on the platform but there is a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.004 BTC for all users. Deposits and withdrawals are performed almost instantly by the website, and the final execution depends upon the Bitcoin network and its speed.

Bottom Line

With a simple yet straightforward gameplay and options to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin without any verification requirements, can hold its own against its competitors when it comes to similar platforms.

However, the platform having a 2.70% house edge diminishes some points from its portfolio, as other online gambling sites usually offer a lower house edge. With that being said, does provide anonymity with its bets and so it remains to be somewhat justifiable in its higher house edge.

All in all, can be a viable Bitcoin Roulette platform for those who are looking for a Bitcoin betting platform without having to divulge their personal details. However, as with any other platform, users should be wary of depositing a large number of funds on third-party websites – at least until they have used the respective services themselves for a few months.

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    Customer Service
    Bonuses/Referral Program

    Hi, I want to make a warning about this site, after a month playing and having obtained profits, it has been impossible to withdraw my winnings as well as get answers to open support tickets or reply to messaging by twitter or instagram. Evidently this site is a SCAM. I have the screen shots that prove what I say.

    + PROS: Excellent platform
    - CONS: You can not take your profits, the withdrawals order stay in a pending mode without answer from the support tream.
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