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KingDice is a new Big Bitcoin Dice site to hit the market! If you are looking for a cool new Bitcoin Dice site with the added ability to invest in the bankroll then KingDice is definitely worth checking out!

Game Play
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KingDice Overview

KingDice is a new and exciting Bitcoin dice site to hit the market. Unlike other dice sites around today when you bet you will actually see dice roll! The overall user interface and visual aspects of the site make it look and feel very professional. For people wanting to test the site out we recommend trying the faucet and having a chat with the MOD and players on site first.

The house edge at KingDice is just 1% which puts it well ahead of sites like Satoshi Dice. Like all good Bitcoin dice sites it is provably fair, has good levels of anonymity (no real details asked of players) and good customer service with their bitcoin talk forum account and live chat. They also have a crowdfunded bankroll that we have also joined by adding 1 Bitcoin.

Game Play

Bitcoin dice sites have been around for a while now, so we will not go into instructions on how to play. But an in game screenshot of the betting window can be seen below (notice the dice that are animated when betting):

Game Play screen-shot

KingDice betting screenshot

Invest Option

Bitcoin dice sites with an invest option is something that we really like at BGR, so much so that we actively invest in our favorite sites. KingDice is one of the sites on that list and we have 1 Bitcoin currently invested in the bankroll. Although the site is new we believe as an investor now we have a big chance of growing with the site if it is a success.

So how does the invest option work at KingDice?

– You simply click the welcome tab at the top right and then click the invest option and invest what you want.

– All investments are at 1x kelly currently. This means that the maximum a player can win on a single bet is 1% of the bankroll.

– Once you invest you will be instantly added to the bankroll and will enjoy profits and loses as players bet against you!

– You can withdraw from the bankroll anytime by clicking the divest option (and there are no fees).

It is also important to note that KingDice will take 50% of the profits (not on loses) from investors to manage and run the site.


At BGR we rate KingDice highly for anyone interested in Bitcoin dice gambling and bankroll investing. Although the site is new we believe this adds the potential for investors to get in early, but it also adds to the risk of the site having early issues.

We are slightly biased towards the site being bankroll investors ourselves, so if you have any comments or feedback from using the site please leave a comment below.

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