Bitcoin Gambling Investments 9/12

Week 38 table of investing returns

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 9/12

We are now 9 months into our Bitcoin Gambling Investment experiment and the investments continue to grow well. This month our Bitcoin investment grew 1.89% month on month on a Bitcoin basis, and a huge 24.76% on a USD basis. The Bitcoin price jumped a lot this month and as such our total balance on a USD basis is at its highest level!

A summary of the investment returns on the current Bitcoin Gambling sites held is tabulated below:

Week 38 table

Aside from the massive monthly increase in value of Bitcoin this month, we saw Crypto-Games and SafeDice have stand out performances! Since launching my new site Bitcoin Millionaire I have also created a great guide for people who are starting out with Bitcoin Bankroll Investing below:

Understanding Bitcoin Gambling Investments

As I always say it would be great to have more diversification but the only site that I believe is worth looking at will be BetKing. However BetKing is yet too launch, so we are hopeful that it will be coming month! If the site does launch we will likely pull 1 Bitcoin from SafeDice and invest it in BetKing.

On top of gambling investing, I have recently starting Bitcoin Lending and that looks very promising in terms of matching or beating the returns of Bitcoin Gambling Investments. If you have never heard about Bitcoin Lending to make interest payments I created an article on it here:

Making Bitcoins Lending At Poloniex

Since I released that article I have been getting substantially higher interest rates on Bitcoins I lend out. The next experiment after the Bitcoin gambling investment experiment may be Bitcoin lending investments versus Bitcoin gambling investments!

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 9/12 Summary

Overall the total return after nine months on a USD basis is incredible – having well over tripled our balance! This has absolutely smashed our expectations (even if most of the growth came from the rise in Bitcoin). The current portfolio of KingDice, SafeDice, YOLOdice and Crypto-Games put us in good stead for the next 3 months and hopefully we will finish the experiment out with no disaster events.

After creating this experiment we have seen the bankrolls of many gambling sites increase dramatically as we build awareness. This is a double edged sword, as it looks like the sites that get too much investment are returning less for us than when we started out. As such if there are more sites that are worth investing in we want to know about them! So please leave a comment below this article and we will give them a serious look!

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  1. What you didn’t tell us is what’s your investment risk on SafeDice?
    Is it 0.5x 1x or 2x Kelly?

    I’m currently investing on Poloniex, Crypto-Games, SafeDice and KingDice
    I must say SafeDice and KingDice have been disappointing to me, KingDice with a small loss while SafeDice is on very low profit (I just noticed I was on 0.5x Kelly [didn’t even notice the option] so I increased right now to 1x)
    Poloniex and Crypto-Games are yielding very good results, never under 5%/month.

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