Bitcoin Gambling Invest 8/12

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 8/12

We are now 8 months into our Bitcoin Gambling Investment experiment and the investments continue to grow well. This month our Bitcoin investment grew 3.72% month on month on a Bitcoin basis, but was down 14.92% on a USD basis. The Bitcoin price retreated this month and was our first month where our total balance on a USD basis had not increased.

In total our 5 Bitcoin initial investment is now worth 7.01357 Bitcoins which is a 40.27% return in just 8 months. When we look at the return in USD, our $3,000 initial investment is now worth $7,561 which is a 152.02% return in 8 months!

A summary of the investment returns on the current Bitcoin Gambling sites held is tabulated below:

Table of returns

A plot of the weekly returns from all site investments (running and discontinued) is below:

Bitcoin Plot

This month we saw KingDice, Crypto-Games and SafeDice stay fairly flat with YOLOdice having a great month! The cool thing with YOLOdice is that as an investor you effectively get 0.8% of the total wagered amount which is more than the total house edge of some dice sites!

If you have not noticed yet, I launched this weekend which was originally designed to continue on the Bitcoin Gambling Invest Experiment after this 12 months is up. It took me about a month to create and based on just following the Bitcoin Gambling Invest Experiment it has no morphed into a lot more including:

I will be recording all my Investments and Bitcoin balance on the site every month moving forward. The current balance being 31.29 Bitcoins! If you are interested to know how much this site makes a month I discuss it in a Bitcoin business interview!

If you have missed the first 7 months of reports they are below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Start

Bitcoin Gambling Investments First Month

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Second Month

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Third Month

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 8/12 Summary

Overall the total return after eight months of 152.02% on a USD basis is incredible, and has absolutely smashed our expectations (even if most of the growth came from the rise in Bitcoin). The current portfolio of KingDice, SafeDice, YOLOdice and Crypto-Games put us in good stead for the next 4 months and hopefully we will finish the experiment out with no disaster events (such as a site running away with our money).

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