Bitcoin Gambling Investments 7/12

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 7/12

We are now 7 months into our Bitcoin Gambling Investment experiment and we cannot believe how well it has gone to date!  This month our Bitcoin investment grew 4.91% month on month on a Bitcoin basis or 46.38% on a USD basis! The Bitcoin price sky rocketing made a huge impact on this month’s profits.

In total our 5 Bitcoin initial investment is now worth 6.76204 Bitcoins which is a 35.24% return in just 7 months. When we look at the return in USD, our $3,000 initial investment is now worth $8,689 which is an incredible 189.64% return in just 7 months!

A summary of the investment returns on the current Bitcoin Gambling sites held is tabulated below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Month 7

A plot of the weekly returns from all site investments (running and discontinued) is below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investment Plot after 7 months

This month we saw substantial growth in our investment at KingDice. The nice thing about investing in a Bitcoin dice site with a small bankroll and relatively high betting volume is that you get a significant part of the profits or loses. We believe as time goes on this hidden gem of an investment will see an increase in investors and we will be unlikely to see the current monthly returns, but in the meantime we will take a large share of it 🙂

As we mentioned in our last monthly report we were considering investing in YOLOdice and we have now done it. Unlike some of the other sites we are invested in, we are invested at 10x leverage in YOLOdice, so we expect this investment to be very volatile. However, unlike Bitvest which had another catastrophic month for investors, YOLOdice give 90% of the house edge to investors (as opposed to just 50% at Bitvest). If you are interested in learning more about YOLOdice read our YOLOdice Review.

To make room for our YOLOdice investment we pulled one Bitcoin from Crypto-Games and invested it in YOLOdice. This will help with diversification and we hope to find another Bitcoin bankroll worth adding to our investments (we would then likely pull one Bitcoin from SafeDice).

If you have missed the first 6 months of reports they are below:

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 7/12 Summary

Overall the total return after seven months of 189.64% on a USD basis is incredible, and has absolutely smashed our expectations (even if most of the growth came from the rise in Bitcoin). The current portfolio of KingDice, SafeDice, YOLOdice and Crypto-Games put us in good stead for the next 5 months and hopefully we will finish the experiment out with no disaster events (such as a site running away with our money).

We are always looking for new potential bankroll investment sites so if you think there is a site worth adding, please leave a comment below and we will look into it!

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