Bitcoin Gambling Investments 4/12

Bitcoin Gambling Investment Plot from Excel of returns from each site for 4 months

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 4/12

Firstly a big thank you to Red-Apple from the Bitcoin Talk Forums for supplying the plot above that is an excellent visualization of the % returns from each site over the first 16 weeks. In the following reports we will display the returns in that format!

It has now been four months since we started our Bitcoin Gambling Investments experiment and we have now made a 15.61% return on a Bitcoin basis and a 42.51% return on a USD basis. In aggregate our initial 5 Bitcoin Investment is now worth 5.78052 Bitcoins, or on a USD basis our $3000 investment is now worth approximately $4275. So although our total Bitcoin Investment again dropped in value from the previous month the rise in the value of Bitcoin this month has helped the investment grow.

A summary of the investment returns on the current Bitcoin Gambling sites held is tabulated below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investment Table 4 month returns

So we will make some big changes to our holdings for the next months reports. As much as we would have liked to have invested in 5 sites for 12 months and reported on the steady returns of the sites, we have not been able to do so.

This month (at the end of the month) we divested out of BetKing which we obviously did not want to do given that it has by far been the best performing site. However as the site is actively being sold (read our post on the BetKing sale), the owner has decided to divest all bankroll investors as of December 1st.

Another site we divested from due to the consistent poor performance and massive variance has been Bitvest. People are quick to say, just give it more time and it will be positive, however we beg to differ. Look at the sites chart below and you can see that since the site launched at one point this month, it had returned a negative balance for investors over nearly a year period.

Bitvest Investment graph

Sure there is a house edge which should make it profitable but obviously the Kelly and maximum win with regards to the bankroll size is poorly managed. Another big factor we do not like is that the site takes a cut off every bet at the site. Compare that to Crypto-Games who only take a cut of the profits – this makes a massive difference in the total returns for investors. We believe the best place to invest is where the site shares your pain and gains. If you think I am exaggerating look at the returns of Crypto-Games since inception below:

Crypto Games plot of investor returns

Incredibly consistent, because the max win is well managed with respect to the bankroll. No long periods of loses and no real risk of long term negative profits. Unlike Bitvest’s Year chart below:

Bitvest Annual Chart

Dreadful for investors. Don’t get me wrong, the site is great to play on as a gambler. The quests, the faucet, the variety of games are all a lot of fun. However, as a bankroll investor it is not worth your money in our opinion (with the way it is currently set up for investors).

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Bitcoin Gambling Investments 4/12 Summary

Overall the total return after four months of 42.51% on a USD basis is great, even though the last two months have been slightly down on the first two months (on a Bitcoin basis). The divesting of Bitvest and BetKing will mean we are down to two sites to invest in (we will invest the divested funds into Crypto-Games). This will increase our risk of a catastrophic event of a site running off with our funds, but we see no better option at this stage.

What do you think will happen next? Do you think the portfolio adjustment was wise? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Our profits are back up to 45+ BTC now at Bitvest. The main reason for the extreme volatility was betting volume increasing over ten-fold around the time we released dice. We also had a few extremely lucky players, including a couple jackpots in a short period.

    The risk levels were also determined to be somewhat too high, so we’ve reduced them in general over our more volatile games.

    We welcome you to try out investing with Bitvest again, our bankroll has nearly doubled in size in the past two months.

    Bitvest Developer & Admin,

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