Bitcoin Gambling Investments 11/12

Week 47

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 11/12

We are now 11 months into our Bitcoin Gambling Investment experiment and like I always say the returns have been spectacular.  The plot at the top of this page shows on a Bitcoin basis all four sites currently invested in grew nicely with Crypto-Games and SafeDice bringing home the best returns for the last month.

This month our Bitcoin investment was fairly flat from last month going from 7.40041 Bitcoins to 7.41575 Bitcoins, and slightly up on a USD basis.

So in aggregate our 5 Bitcoin initial investment is now worth 7.41575 Bitcoins which is a 48.4% return in just 11 months. When we look at the return in USD our $3,000 initial investment is now worth $18,910 (at a Bitcoin price of $2,550).

A summary of the investment returns on the current Bitcoin Gambling sites held is tabulated below:

Week 47 Table of Returns

Again I will mention if this is your first time ever reading about Bitcoin Gambling Bankroll Investing I highly recommend you read this introduction:

Understanding Bitcoin Gambling Investments – it covers the risks, the rewards, my own experience and much more.

It looks like BetKing will be up and running again in August this year so we interviewed the founder Dean ahead of the BetKing ICO. This is likely something we will invest in so the interview is definitely worth reading!

If you have missed the first 10 months of reports they are below:

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Start 5 BTC @ $3,000

Bitcoin Gambling Investments First Month   5.32883 BTC @ $3,203

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Second Month 5.84366 BTC @ $3,530

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Third Month  5.83987 BTC @ $4,123

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Fourth Month 5.78052 BTC @ $4,275

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Fifth Month 6.18321 BTC @ $5,907

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Sixth Month 6.44548 BTC @ $5,936

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Seventh Month 6.76204 BTC @ $8,689

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Eighth Month 7.01357 BTC @ $7,561

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Ninth Month 7.14640 BTC @ $9,433

Bitcoin Gambling Investments Tenth Month 7.40041 BTC @ $18,693

Bitcoin Gambling Investments 11/12 Summary

Overall the total return after eleven months on a USD basis is incredible and nearly 50% on a Bitcoin basis! The current portfolio of KingDice, SafeDice, YOLOdice and Crypto-Games continues to do well and shows no signs of slowing down!

Have you started investing in Bitcoin Gambling bankrolls? How have your returns been?

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