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Bitcoin Dice – why it’s all the rage

When Bitcoin gambling first announced itself online, it was introduced in the form of an interestingly simple game of chance that revolved around choosing an outcome, hoping that your guess would be “higher” or “lower” than a randomly generated number.

It wasn’t actually dice, but the original Bitcoin gambling games associated themselves as “dice games” and the trend continues to this day.

Of course, some popular casinos have capitalized on the literal name of the game, using actual visuals of dice in their versions of dice games. For example, Pocket Dice call themselves “the first realistic bitcoin dice game”, and you gamble on the outcome of two six-sided dice, complete with animation of a cup rolling and throwing two dice.

Are there really any Bitcoin Dice strategies?

No… and yes. No, because any so-called “strategy” is bound to fail you. Call it variance or call it bad luck, but the absolute nature of chance simply means that you will always have a likelihood of losing, no matter how small.

Yes, because there are countless gamblers out there who love playing Bitcoin dice because their strategies have worked for them with enough regularity to see profits. Here are some of the strategies used by them.

Martingale: the strategy to rule them all

The martingale strategy isn’t actually a dice strategy but the setup of Bitcoin dice games, especially using auto-betting features, makes it very easy to do. Because most Bitcoin dice also allows micro-betting with as little as 1 satoshi, it also makes it easier for gamblers to try this strategy with a small deposit.

The original Martingale was a strategy designed about 300 years ago for the game of “Heads or Tails” or coin flipping, where the winning chance is 50%. The concept is simple: for every losing bet, you just double your wagers until you win, whereby you return to your original stake. If done correctly, the win would recover all previous losses plus a profit of the original stake. In theory, as long as you have an infinite bankroll, you will eventually make a profit.

In reality, however, consecutive losses are far more commonly encountered at dice games as auto-betting can easily get you to tens of thousands of wagers in a matter of hours. To illustrate this point, the probability of 15 consecutive losses at 50% chance of winning is 1 in 32,768 bets. Any decent Bitcoin dice auto-bet can get you to that number of bets in a few hours. Of course, you could hit that losing streak much later… or much earlier. The point is, play long enough and you’ll hit losing streaks you that “seem” unlikely.

By the way, a 1 satoshi base bet will need a bankroll of 0.00032767 BTC (doubled every loss). So you can imagine how quickly things can escalate on a 100 satoshi base bet.

All other strategies that involve increasing your stake on a losing bet are just variations of martingale.

Rollin Martingale Example Video:

Reverse Martingale aka Paroli

This is the complete opposite of the original, whereby your stakes are increased when winning, rather than losing. This is a strategy preferred by gamblers who feel that the odds are rigged against them, or who feel they win less often than they lose. It takes advantage of winning streaks and plays cautious on losing streaks. This way, they maximize winning bets and minimize losses.

Of course, if you’re unlucky enough to be lucky, then a long winning streak will set you up for a quick bust at its end.

D’Alembert – getting the most bang out of your bankroll

Some dicers prefer to stretch out plays, not necessarily gaining profits but also having a low exposure to total bust. The D’Alembert is pretty popular in this respect as it’s also cautious and simple. Basically, bets are increased by one unit of the original stake for every loss, and decreased by one unit for every win.

In theory, this method is the surest way to more or less end up with the same bankroll as you started, but allows you a lot more wagers.

Wager for prizes

Sometimes, players can simply choose to wager the smallest possible amount on the highest possible chance, with no increase in the stakes regardless of win or lose. The unique nature of Bitcoin dice means that you can even play with chances as high as 98.8% (Bitvest).

This can be an extremely useful strategy when trying to reach wagering requirements that will either improve your level at Bitcoin casinos (usually leading to higher rains and bonuses) or ensure you meet wagering requirements for bonuses.

Strategies that let you play the longest are also useful during competitions that most Bitcoin dice sites hold such as “Xth dice bet” competitions, wagering competitions and even Dice Jackpots. Some gamblers choose to gamble this way, to win prizes rather than try to make a direct profit from gambling.

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